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Tue Aug 9 22:21:10 2005 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by xknight
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Simple modifications to build the 0.6.3 release from CVS

rm -frd src/components/CVS
rm -f src/components/maf.0.4.1.xpt
rm -f src/components/maf.0.4.3.xpt
rm -f src/components/maf.0.5.0.xpt
rm -f src/components/maf.0.5.1.xpt
rm -f src/components/maf.0.6.0.xpt
rm -f src/components/maf.0.6.1.xpt
rm -f src/components/maf.0.6.2.xpt
rm -frd src/maf/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/content/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/locale/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/locale/en-US/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/locale/fr-FR/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/locale/it-IT/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/locale/pl-PL/CVS
rm -frd src/maf/locale/ru-RU/CVS
rm -frd src/scripts/CVS
rm -frd src/libs/CVS

mkdir build
cd build
rm -f maf-0.6.3.xpi
mkdir common
cd common
mkdir chrome
cd ../../src/maf
rm -f ../../build/common/chrome/maf.jar
zip -r ../../build/common/chrome/maf.jar .
cd ../../build/common
zip -r ../maf-0.6.3.xpi .
cd ../../src
zip -r ../build/maf-0.6.3.xpi install.* maf.html components scripts
cd ..

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