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    1: <p>This extension is a simple throbber replacement to flash foreign language vocabulary
    2:   instruction while loading pages. I made it primarily as a demonstration for
    3:   a <em>Language
    4:   Learning and Technology</em> <a href="">paper</a>,
    5:   so, right now it's very limited in its functionality -- though, if people find
    6:   it useful please let me know and I will extend it further. Currently data files
    7:   are loaded via PHP off a webserver, as that is what most teachers and textbook
    8:   publishers would use. If people have suggestions about the best way to load
    9:   from a client given the tighter security restrictions please let me know and
   10:   I will incorporate them when making a Javascript alternative to the current
   11:   PHP loads.</p>
   12: <p><br>
   13: </p>
   14: <hr>
   15: <p><?php $local_conf_show_notes_form = ON; require(NOTES); ?></p>

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