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Thu Feb 14 22:25:20 2002 UTC (17 years, 3 months ago) by massey
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Kiosk is a xul interface for mozilla. This tar file should be installed ( unpacked ) in the /mozilla/chrome directory.  This should result in a directory /mozilla/chrome/kiosk. The file installed-chrome.txt that is found in the /kiosk directory has 3 lines that should be copied to the /mozilla/chrome/installed-chrome.txt, instructions are in that file also. 

To run mozilla with the kiosk interface type at a xterm prompt:
	mozilla -chrome chrome://kiosk/content   this will start mozilla with the kiosk skin
	mozilla -P default -chrome chrome://kiosk/content   the -P default tells the mozilla profile manager to start mozilla with the default user settings, your users may be different.
	mozilla -P default -chrome chrome://kiosk/content/kiosk3.xul   this starts mozilla with the default user and with the kiosk3.xul interface, kiosk3.xul has a few added interface items.

The desire of this skin is to be used for browser kiosks that are run on diskless workstations from xdmcp. I also am using this to learn mozilla, xul, xpcom, xpconnect, etc etc. You may find the javascript a pityful mess, so do I. Do you know how to use xpconnect? If so please clue me in.  My email is
My name is Jim Massey

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