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 <td>  <td>
 <p>  <p>
   <a href="http://calendarhelp.mozdev.org/calfolder.html">Calendar Folders</a><br/>
   Organize your calendars in folders.
   <li>Folder structure for your calendars</li>
   <li>A simple clock</li>
   Calendar Folders is an extension that you can install in Sunbird 0.2+ on any platform.
   It is not available for Sunbird or Calendar builds before August 2005.
   <a href="http://journal.mozdev.org">
   <img src="http://journal.mozdev.org/logo-small.png" width="48" height="48" alt="Journal logo"/>
 <a href="http://journal.mozdev.org">Journal</a><br/>  <a href="http://journal.mozdev.org">Journal</a><br/>
 Write, keep and read private information:  Write, keep and read private information:
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