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updated list address to prevent spam

<div class="dotted"><img src=""
                        alt="" border="0"
                        style="vertical-align: middle"/> Mailing List</div>
  If you have any questions or comments on this project, do not hesitate to join the list and post a message. Otherwise,
  you can still use the notes on the <a id="hon" href="index.html">main page</a> or 
  <a id="hon" href="Javascript: mailTo('t|.|r|a|g|u|i|n[AT]n|e|t|u|n|i|o|n|.|c|o|m')">contact me</a> directly.
<li>Post a message to the <a id="hon" href="Javascript: mailTo('h|o|n[AT]m|o|z|d|e|v|.|o|r|g')"">mailing list</a></li>

<li>Click to <a id="hon" href="">subscribe, unsubscribe or change your account settings</a></li>

<li>Post a message to <a id="hon" href="news://">public.mozdev.hon</a></li>

<li>View <a id="hon" href="">list archives</a></li>

<li>View <a id="hon" href="">subscriber list</a></li>

<li>Go to list <a id="hon" href="">admin page</a></li>


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