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[TXT] beta.html[GRAPH] 1.10 15 years pbartecki once again ;)
[TXT] bugs.html[GRAPH] 1.7 17 years azrael improving html
[TXT] copyright.html[GRAPH] 1.1 17 years azrael adding <link> tags and a copyright page - copyright page might need some tinkeri...
[TXT] feedback.html[GRAPH] 1.7 15 years azrael unset hide text control
[TXT] head.txt[GRAPH] 1.9 17 years azrael making sure logo is on all pages
[TXT] hermes.css[GRAPH] 1.5 17 years azrael making sure logo is on all pages
[TXT] index.html[GRAPH] 1.94 15 years pbartecki Adding info about new version
[TXT] installation.html[GRAPH] 1.62 16 years azrael linking to downloads location to not hit mozdev as hard
[TXT] local.conf[GRAPH] 1.1 17 years azrael this better work :)
[TXT] news.html[GRAPH] 1.26 15 years pbartecki Adding infor about new version
[TXT] oldfeedback.html[GRAPH] 1.3 15 years azrael deleting spam
[TXT] project_nav.html[GRAPH] 1.24 16 years azrael making beta available
[BIN] screenshot002.jpg[GRAPH] 1.2 18 years azrael cropped image
[BIN] screenshot003.jpg[GRAPH] 1.1 18 years azrael Adding screenshots actual and conceptual
[TXT] screenshots.html[GRAPH] 1.16 16 years azrael beta screenshots
[TXT] source.html[GRAPH] 1.9 17 years azrael improving html
[TXT] tutorial.html[GRAPH] 1.17 18 years basic added onblur

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