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<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->
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<h5 class="infoHeader">Install Now!</h5>
<li><a href="">XPI Install</a></li>

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<h5 class="infoHeader">Screenshot</h5>
<a href="images/shot.jpg"><img alt="shot" src="images/shot.jpg" style="border:2px solid black;width:125px;"></a>

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<div><a href=""></a></div>
<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->

<p><strong>Project Idea:</strong> HelloWorld Media Collector<br>
<strong>MozDev Site:</strong><br><br>

<strong>Project Team:</strong> Christopher Howard, Chase Miller, James Kraetz<br><br>

<p><b>HelloWorld Media Collector</b> is a firefox extension which will grab all images, flash videos, and html links from the current site, based on customizable preferences, and store them in a specified directory.</p>

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