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Sat May 14 17:50:21 2005 UTC (14 years, 11 months ago) by fernandes
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Released version, a major new release
- New customizable Firefox toolbar button to hide/show Googlebar
- New handling for numbers with '.'s in terms (do not break apart IPs, etc.)
- New handling for terms with '-'s in them (one button, remove - unless quoted)
- Auto-detect desktop search IDs from URLs if not set in prefs
- Pref to disable toolbar button separators (Toolbar Buttons section)
- Pref to default to Satellite images in Maps search (Google Searches section)
- Pref to disable highlighting HTML form input fields (Highlighting section)
- New tabs, URLs not highlighted unless dynamic highlighting is enabled
- Pref to ignore Dictionary search terms in history (Miscellaneous section)
- Pref to add global search criteria to web searches (Google Searches section)
- Pref to have page selection override search box for all searches, on by default (Miscellaneous section)
- Enable site search for Google sites, only disabled if no URL in browser
- Pre-populate login dialog with Google user ID if set in prefs
- Added country setting for Froogle search (Google Searches section)
- Added result navigation detection to Desktop Search results
- Added Print Search capability (menuitem, toolbar button, etc.)
- Pref to change Google Suggest update frequency (Experimental section)
- Added 'Ctrl+Space' hot key to automatically bring up Suggest results in popup
- Pref to auto-login to Google account (GMail, etc.) when browser starts (Experimental section)
- Added new email notification sound to play by default, instead of beeping
- New pref to set email notification sound, any valid URL (Experimental section)

<project name="Googlebar" default="all" basedir=".">
	<description>Googlebar Ant Build File</description>

	<!-- update this value to point to your personal profile -->
	<property name="moz_prof" location="${user.home}/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/default.at6"/>
	<!-- set global properties for this build -->
	<property name="moz_exe"  value="firefox.exe"/>
	<property name="moz_dir"  location="/program files/mozilla firefox"/>
	<property name="moz_gb"   location="${moz_dir}/chrome/googlebar"/>
	<property name="moz_tmp"  location="/temp/"/>
	<property name="gb_ext"   location="${moz_prof}/extensions/{6b6601f1-361e-4b9f-bb6d-f8305000e4f6}"/>
	<property name="gb_dl"    location="downloads"/>
	<property name="gb_inst"  location="install"/>
	<property name="gb_src"   location="googlebar"/>
	<property name="firefox_jar" location="${moz_tmp}/googlebar.jar"/>
	<property name="firefox_xpi" location="${gb_dl}/XPI-rimental-ff.xpi"/>
	<property name="mozilla_xpi" location="${gb_dl}/XPI-rimental.xpi"/>

	<target name="build">
		<delete file="${firefox_jar}" failonerror="false"/>
		<zip destfile="${firefox_jar}" basedir="${gb_src}" excludes="CVS"/>
		<delete file="${firefox_xpi}" failonerror="false"/>
		<zip destfile="${firefox_xpi}">
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/firefox" prefix=""/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/common" includes="googlebar.js" prefix="defaults/preferences"/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${moz_tmp}" includes="googlebar.jar" prefix="chrome"/>
		<delete file="${mozilla_xpi}" failonerror="false"/>
		<zip destfile="${mozilla_xpi}">
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/mozilla" prefix=""/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/common" includes="googlebar.js" prefix=""/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_src}" excludes="CVS" prefix="googlebar"/>
	<target name="install">
		<antcall target="deploy"/>
		<antcall target="run"/>
	<target name="deploy">
		<delete includeEmptyDirs="true" failonerror="false">
			<fileset dir="${moz_gb}"/>
		<mkdir dir="${moz_gb}"/>
		<copy todir="${moz_gb}" overwrite="true">
			<fileset dir="${gb_src}" excludes="**/googlebarIsNew"/>
		<unzip src="${firefox_xpi}" dest="${gb_ext}"/>
	<target name="run">
		<exec dir="${moz_dir}" executable="${moz_dir}/${moz_exe}" spawn="true"/>
	<target name="all">
		<antcall target="build"/>
		<antcall target="install"/>

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