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Fri Apr 22 09:30:06 2005 UTC (14 years, 11 months ago) by fernandes
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Released tonight which is mainly a bug fix release.
1. Fixed some style issues, specifically the "squished" look in Qute 3
2. Fixed dicitonary search - via context menu.
3. Fixed integration with the Firefox Extension panel.  You can now open the options from there using the Extension window options button.
4. Added experimental version update capability
5. Incorporated items 2-5 from Andy's list into the core code base.  The only diference is that I elected to show the Groups button in lieu of the Lucky button, otherwise I think I implemented everything else as-is.
6. Added Maps, Video, and Desktop to list of keyboard shortcut actions.
7. Refactored all toolbar buttons out into a googlebarButtonOverlay.xul file in an attempt to get the googlebarOverlay.xul as small as possible in case we need 2 different overlay files to support the Firefox toolbar customization.  Still have more work to do on this one.

<project name="Googlebar" default="install" basedir=".">
	<description>Googlebar Ant Build File</description>

	<!-- set global properties for this build -->
	<property name="moz_exe"  value="firefox.exe"/>
	<property name="moz_dir"  location="/program files/mozilla firefox"/>
	<property name="moz_gb"   location="${moz_dir}/chrome/googlebar"/>
	<property name="moz_tmp"   location="/temp/"/>
	<property name="gb_dl"    location="downloads"/>
	<property name="gb_inst"  location="install"/>
	<property name="gb_src"   location="googlebar"/>
	<property name="firefox_jar" location="${moz_tmp}/googlebar.jar"/>
	<property name="firefox_xpi" location="${gb_dl}/XPI-rimental-ff.xpi"/>
	<property name="mozilla_xpi" location="${gb_dl}/XPI-rimental.xpi"/>

	<target name="build">
		<delete file="${firefox_jar}" failonerror="false"/>
		<zip destfile="${firefox_jar}" basedir="${gb_src}/googlebar" excludes="CVS"/>
		<delete file="${firefox_xpi}" failonerror="false"/>
		<zip destfile="${firefox_xpi}">
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/firefox" prefix=""/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/common" includes="googlebar.js" prefix="defaults/preferences"/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${moz_tmp}" includes="googlebar.jar" prefix="chrome"/>
		<delete file="${mozilla_xpi}" failonerror="false"/>
		<zip destfile="${mozilla_xpi}">
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/mozilla" prefix=""/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_inst}/common" includes="googlebar.js" prefix=""/>
		    <zipfileset dir="${gb_src}" excludes="CVS gbfx/**" prefix=""/>
	<target name="deploy">
		<delete includeEmptyDirs="true" failonerror="false">
			<fileset dir="${moz_gb}"/>
		<mkdir dir="${moz_gb}"/>
		<copy todir="${moz_gb}" overwrite="true">
			<fileset dir="${gb_src}/googlebar" excludes="**/googlebarIsNew"/>
	<target name="install">
		<antcall target="deploy"/>
		<antcall target="run"/>
	<target name="run">
		<exec dir="${moz_dir}" executable="${moz_dir}/${moz_exe}" spawn="true"/>

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