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Tue Nov 30 05:46:32 2004 UTC (15 years, 4 months ago) by fernandes
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Prepped some things for bug fixes to come.  Added an ant build and fixed the simple bug of updating the prefs dialog title.

<project name="Googlebar" default="install" basedir=".">
	<description>Googlebar Ant Build File</description>

	<!-- set global properties for this build -->
	<property name="moz_exe"  value="firefox.exe"/>
	<property name="moz_dir"  location="/program files/mozilla firefox"/>
	<property name="moz_gb"   location="${moz_dir}/chrome/googlebar"/>
	<property name="gb_dl"    location="downloads"/>
	<property name="gb_inst"  location="googlebar"/>
	<property name="gb_src"   location="googlebar/googlebar"/>
	<property name="xpi_file" location="${gb_dl}/XPI-rimental.xpi"/>

	<target name="build">
		<delete file="${xpi_file}"/>
		<zip destfile="${xpi_file}" basedir="${gb_inst}"/>
	<target name="deploy">
		<delete includeEmptyDirs="true">
			<fileset dir="${moz_gb}"/>
		<mkdir dir="${moz_gb}"/>
		<copy todir="${moz_gb}" overwrite="true">
			<fileset dir="${gb_src}" excludes="**/googlebarIsNew"/>
	<target name="install">
		<antcall target="deploy"/>
		<antcall target="run"/>
	<target name="run">
		<exec dir="${moz_dir}" executable="${moz_dir}/${moz_exe}" spawn="true"/>

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