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    1: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    2: <html><head><!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** --></head>
    3: <body><div id="infoTabs">
    4: <div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">
    5: <h5 class="infoHeader">CSci193<br>
    6: </h5>
    7: <ul><li><a href="">Communication</a></li><li><a href="">ReadMe</a></li>
    8:   <li><a href="">License</a></li><li><a href="">Implementation</a><br>
    9:   </li>
   11: </ul>
   12: </div>
   13: </div><h2>Welcome to the <strong>FoxTorrent</strong> project </h2>
   16: <p>FoxTorrent is an interface to the BitTorrent client Azureus.<br>
   17: </p>
   18: <p>Azureus has an XML over HTTP plugin, allowing structured XML
   19: requests and queries to be sent to a running Azureus instance which has
   20: a miniature HTTP server running.&nbsp; This allows alternative
   21: frontends to be used in place of the standard GUI - for example, a
   22: PHP-based web frontend.<br>
   23: </p>
   24: <p>FoxTorrent uses this XML over HTTP interface to provide an
   25: Azureus GUI integrated into the Firefox browser.&nbsp; It has
   26: configuration options to specify the target Azureus server.<br>
   27: </p>
   28: <p>The majority of the interface is contained in a single sidebar.<br>
   29: This sidebar has two boxes - one for currently downloading
   30: torrents, and one for seeding and queued torrents.&nbsp; Each box displays the
   31: torrents for that category and allows a number of standard torrent queue
   32: manipulation commands - moving torrents up and down the queue, stopping
   33: and starting torrents, and deleting torrents.&nbsp; Each torrent item
   34: in the list also provides more detailed information about each
   35: torrent - upload speeds, seeds, peers, size, etc.&nbsp; This
   36: information is displayed in as a mouseover tooltip with the details.<br>
   37: </p>
   38: <p>Users are able to send torrents to Azureus - HTTP URLs of torrents to
   39: download.&nbsp; As a shortcut, an option is
   40: overlayed into the right-click context menu on webpage hyperlinks - so
   41: users can right click a torrent link on a webpage and "Send this link
   42: to Azureus" without having to open the separate torrent upload window.<br>
   43: </p>
   44: <p>FoxTorrent provides an options page to
   45: change host, port, and authentication.<br>
   46: <br>There are two main parts to this extension - the sidebar panels and
   47: pop-up windows and overlays (GUI parts), and the backend that handles
   48: communication with Azureus's XMLoverHTTP.&nbsp; The communication
   49: aspect is bundled into an XPCOM component.<br>
   50: </p>
   51: <br>
   52: <p><strong></strong><br>
   53: </p>
   55: </body></html>

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