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1.1       petejc      1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
1.3       jamey       2: <ul>
1.4     ! jamey       3:   <li><span id="ls_contents-0">Install: <a href="">foxiewire-</a><a href="">version  0.3</a></span></li>
1.3       jamey       4: </ul>
                      5: <p><span id="ls_contents-0">What's new in this version:</span></p>
                      6: <ul>
                      7:   <li><span id="ls_contents-0"><strong><a href="">FoxieWire</a> Options</strong> </span>
                      8:       <p><span id="ls_contents-0">Now  you have options to open the submit page in current tab, a new tab  (default), or a new window. If you chose to open in a new tab, you have  options to focus to the new tab or follow Firefox tab options (When I  open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately).</span></p>
                      9:     <p><span id="ls_contents-0">To open the option window, select Tools menu -&gt; FoxieWire Options.</span></p>
                     10:   </li>
                     11:   <li><span id="ls_contents-0"><strong>Split Browser integration</strong> </span>
                     12:       <p><span id="ls_contents-0">If you install <a href="">Split Browser</a> extension, you have options to open the submit page in a split browser.</span></p>
                     13:   </li>
                     14:   <li><span id="ls_contents-0"><strong>Drag and drop supports</strong> </span>
                     15:       <p><span id="ls_contents-0">You can now drag a link, plain text URL, or tab on FoxieWire toolbar button to submit it.</span></p>
                     16:   </li>
                     17: </ul>
                     18: <p><img src="" alt="Foxie Wire Add-On" width="588" height="330" /></p>
                     19: <p>Foxie add-on extension. It's <a href="">version  0.3</a></p>
                     20: <p><img src="" alt="Foxie Add-On" width="189" height="260" /></p>

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