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<li><a href="">FoxieWire v0.3 released</a></li>

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<li><a href="">FoxieWire News Site</li>
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<li><a href="">News and Media</a></li>

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<p><br />
Community run site that provides daily news stories on all of Mozilla's products and projects. Get involved pass it on. We're a global community working together to make the Web a better
place for everyone.<br />
Foxiewire Where the users have the power to submit, vote, and talk about Mozilla and  Firefox News, Firefox Extension, Mozilla Development, Mozilla Stories are chosen by the community members and the editors. <br />

<p><img src="" alt="Foxie Add-On" width="189" height="260" /><a href=""><img src="" alt="Foxiewire" /></a><br />
Foxie add-on extension. It's <a href="">version  0.3</a><br />
        <p><a href=""><img src="" alt="no adware, spyware" width="64" height="64" border="0" align="left" /></a><span class="fs_17 fs_g">Foxiewire No  adware, spyware, or malware.</span><br />
          <span class="fs_v fs_12">Foxiewire is free to download, free to use, and does not contain any adware or spyware.</span><br />
          <a href=";cat=all">Shareaholic</a> makes it easy for you to submit the web page you're on to  <strong><a href="">FoxieWire</a></strong><br />
        <a href="">Contact Foxiewire</a> to Get Involved</p>
        <p>Check out the Foxie Tools <a href="">Banners</a>, <a href="">Wordpress Plugin</a>, <a href="">News Feed Blocks</a>
  Foxiewire  to give itís full working title is a social news, bookmarking and networking website dedicated to the mozilla. Built using the Drigg for Drupal system foxiewire which launched around a month ago is the latest project to have chosen the Drigg system.<br>
foxiewire allows anyone to submit mozilla related content to itís system, whether that content is on either an A-list or personal blog itís welcomed at foxiewire. Itís worth noting only English language based content is permitted on the site</p>
<p>Foxiewire has all the feature you would expect from a Social News website with members submitting content which other foxiewire members then vote upon, the most voted content in turn gets promoted to the main page after what looks to be at the moment six votes. Six votes doesnít sound like a lot but we have to remember that foxiewire is still a very new site and as yet doesnít have the user power for a larger published vote count.</p>
<p>Voting on foxiewire is an up or down affair, a really nice touch is the fact you can view Who Voted and which way they voted. This is a great addition if you want to see who liked and disliked your submitted article, an option wich most other sites donít offer.</p>
<p>In addition to voting up or down members can also report any submitted article, spam, not suitable. Reported content is then made unreachable and removed from public view being held for foxiewire Staff approval after an undisclosed number of reports. If a reported story is found to be spam foxiewire say they will delete the article completely, ban the submitted domain, member and members IP, so quite severe and a good reason not to spam. As foxiewire say themselves ďSpammers Will Gain No Benefit Or Links From foxiewireĒ. On the other hand if the report is perceived as unwarranted your article will be placed live again on the site, sounds like a fair deal to us.</p>
<p>A particular features we liked at foxiewire is Member Affinity Matches where members with similar interests are matched with each other in relation to the stories they like, vote or comment upon. Members can also add friends to their profiles and private message each other for some communication along with saving articles to there profile for easier future retrieval.</p>
<p>All of foxiewireís individual categories have RSS feeds which means keeping up to date on a specific subject category is a breeze. If you want to only subscribe to the Themes category for example you can find the rss feeds in the right hand sidebar categories menu.</p>

<p>For easy submission of articles and content foxiewire has a Browser Widget for IE, FireFox, Opera and Safari, along with a FireFox Plugin and a mozilla Plugin all of which are available from the foxiewire Tools Section</p>
<p>Future features include the plan for more social network related features along with mozilla groups which users can create and administer themselves.</p>
<p>We really liked foxiewire and with so many mozilla blogs around itís another good niche source of traffic and information for mozilla fans. With very little mozilla related content ever reaching the front page of sites like Digg foxiewire could turn out to be one of the very few niche social news sites that actually finds some success.</p>

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