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<li>0.1.2 released 14 August</li>
<li>Up and running on mozdev!</li>

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<p>Most recent version: <strong>0.1.2 (14 August 2005)</strong></p>

<p>ForwardFork is my first extension. It saves your forward history from being destroyed when you go to another site. These forward histories, or
forks, are accessible from the context menu.</p>

<p>ForwardFork is also listed on UMO. Because of UMO's policies or reviewing and the time it take them to mirror, the most up-to-date version can
be found here. You may contact me via the mozdev mailing list or in the ForwardFork thread at MozillaZine.</p>

<li>Access previous forward history via the context menu.</li>
<li>Open sites in new tab with Ctrl-click (Cmd-click for the Mac-heads) or in new window with Shift-click.</li>
<li>Set the number of most recent forks you want to keep.</li>
<li>Set how many sites the forward history must have to allow it to be saved.</li>

<img src="screenshot01.jpg">

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