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version 1.3, 2004/11/16 16:55:09 version 1.4, 2004/11/16 19:24:15
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         <property name="build"      location="build"/>          <property name="build"      location="build"/>
   <property name="src"        location="src"/>    <property name="src"        location="src"/>
            <property name="downloads"  location="downloads"/>
         <property name="mozilla"    location="/program files/mozilla/firefox/"/>
         <property name="xpidl"      location="xpidl"/>
   <property name="comp"       value="nsForecastfox"/>
         <target name="init">          <target name="init">
                 <!-- create the time stamp -->                  <!-- create the time stamp -->
                 <tstamp/>                  <tstamp/>
                 <!-- create the build directory structure used by compile -->                  <!-- create the build directory structure used by compile -->
                <mkdir dir="${build}"/>      <mkdir dir="${downloads}"/>          
        </target>                <mkdir dir="${build}"/>
  <target name="compile" depends="init">     
    <!-- run all these in parallel for speed--> 
      <ant target="chrome"/> 
      <ant target="components"/> 
      <ant target="defaults"/> 
      <ant target="install"/> 
  <!-- zip chrome directory --> 
  <target name="chrome"> 
     <mkdir dir="${build}/chrome"/>      <mkdir dir="${build}/chrome"/>
                <zip destfile="${build}/chrome/${ant.project.name}.jar" basedir="${src}/chrome"/>        <mkdir dir="${build}/components"/>
  </target>    <mkdir dir="${build}/defaults"/>
  <!-- copy components -->        
  <target name="components">  <target name="compile" depends="init">
    <copy todir="${build}/components">    <!-- zip chrome directory -->  
                 <zip destfile="${build}/chrome/${ant.project.name}.jar" basedir="${src}/chrome"/> 
     <!-- unzip base.zip used in component build -->
     <unzip src="${xpidl}/base.zip" dest="${mozilla}"/>
     <copy todir="${mozilla}/base">
       <fileset dir="${src}/components">        <fileset dir="${src}/components">
        <!-- We don't actually need the idl -->        <exclude name="*.xpt"/>
        <exclude name="*.idl"/> 
       </fileset>        </fileset>
    </copy>        </copy>
    <!-- execute component build -->
  <!-- copy defaults -->    <exec dir="${mozilla}/base" executable="${mozilla}/base/xpidl.exe">
  <target name="defaults">      <arg line="-m typelib -w -v -I -o nsForecastfox.idl"/>
     <!-- copy components -->
     <copy todir="${build}/components">
       <fileset dir="${mozilla}/base">
         <include name="${comp}.*"/>
         <exclude name="${comp}.idl"/>        
     <!-- copy defaults -->
     <copy todir="${build}/defaults">      <copy todir="${build}/defaults">
       <fileset dir="${src}/defaults"/>        <fileset dir="${src}/defaults"/>
    </copy>        </copy>  
    <!-- copy install -->
  <!-- copy install --> 
  <target name="install"> 
     <copy todir="${build}">      <copy todir="${build}">
       <fileset dir="${src}">        <fileset dir="${src}">
         <include name="install.*"/>                  <include name="install.*"/>        
       </fileset>        </fileset>
     </copy>            </copy>      
  </target>        </target>
  <!-- create XPI in donwloads directory -->   
   <target name="dist" depends="compile">    <target name="dist" depends="compile">
    <mkdir dir="downloads"/>    <!-- create XPI in donwloads directory -->
                 <zip destfile="downloads/${ant.project.name}-${DSTAMP}${TSTAMP}.xpi" basedir="${build}"/>                  <zip destfile="downloads/${ant.project.name}-${DSTAMP}${TSTAMP}.xpi" basedir="${build}"/>
       <!-- cleanup build directory -->    
     <ant target="clean"/>      <ant target="clean"/>
         </target>          </target>
   <!-- cleanup build directory -->  
   <target name="clean">    <target name="clean">
                 <delete dir="${build}"/>                      <delete dir="${build}"/>    
       <delete dir="${mozilla}/base"/>
   </target>    </target>
 </project>  </project>

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