Diff for /forecastfox/Attic/build.xml between versions 1.19 and 1.21

version 1.19, 2005/06/26 22:05:00 version 1.21, 2005/06/28 23:13:21
Line 39 Line 39
 <!-- project used to build xpi -->  <!-- project used to build xpi -->
 <project name="forecastfox" default="dist">  <project name="forecastfox" default="dist">
     <!-- check if properties file exists -->
     <available file="build.properties" property="has.props"/>
     <fail unless="has.props" message="You need to create a build.properties file. Please see build-dist.properties for an example."/>
   <property file="build.properties"/>    <property file="build.properties"/>
   <!-- create build directories -->    <!-- create build directories -->
Line 67 Line 71
       </fileset>        </fileset>
       <filterset begintoken="#" endtoken="#">        <filterset begintoken="#" endtoken="#">
         <filter token="VERSION" value="${app.version}"/>          <filter token="VERSION" value="${app.version}"/>
           <filter token="BUILD" value="${app.build}"/>
         <filter token="GUID" value="${app.guid}"/>          <filter token="GUID" value="${app.guid}"/>
       </filterset>              </filterset>      
     </copy>      </copy>

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