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[TXT] chrome.manifest[GRAPH] 1.41 6 years chee Rename cs-CZ to cs and de-DE to de.
[TXT] firefox-xpi.bat[GRAPH] 1.9 10 years chee Update Win32 and *nix build scripts.
[TXT][GRAPH] 1.10 10 years chee Update Win32 and *nix build scripts.
[TXT] install-global.js[GRAPH] 1.1 12 years chee This version of install.js allows installation into the global app/chrome/ direc...
[TXT] install.js[GRAPH] 1.75 7 years chee Disable whitelist integration with Adblock Plus and other content blockers.
[TXT] install.rdf[GRAPH] 1.138 4 years chee Fix max versions for supported applications.
[TXT] licence.txt[GRAPH] 1.1 11 years chee branches: 1.1.2; Add licence.txt

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