Annotation of epiphany/README, revision 1.3

1.2       mpeseng     1: Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the mozilla 
                      2: rendering engine.
                      3: The name meaning:
                      4: "An intuitive grasp of reality through 
                      5: something (as an event) usually simple and striking"
                      7: MANIFESTO
                      9: A web browser is more than an application, it is a way of thinking, it is
                     10: a way of seeing the world. Epiphany's principles are simplicity and standards
                     11: compliance.
                     13: Simplicity:
                     15: While Mozilla has an excellent rendering engine, its default
                     16: XUL-based interface is considered to be overcrowded and bloated.  Furthermore,
                     17: on slower processors even trivial tasks such as pulling down a menu is less
                     18: than responsive.
                     20: Epiphany aims to utilize the simplest interface possible for a browser.  Keep
                     21: in mind that simple does not necessarily mean less powerful.  We believe
                     22: the commonly used browsers of today are too big, buggy, and bloated. Epiphany
                     23: addresses simplicity with a small browser designed for the web -- not mail,
                     24: newsgroups, file management, instant messenging or coffee making.  The UNIX
                     25: philosophy is to design small tools that do one thing, and do it well.
                     27: Epiphany also address simplicity with modularity to make a light and powerful
                     28: application.  If something can be implemented using external applications
                     29: or components, we use it rather than wasting resources in the web browser.
                     30: Integration will be achived with CORBA, Bonobo, and the ever popular
                     31: command line.  
                     33: Mail will be handled with your favorite e-mail application (Evolution, pine,
                     34: mutt, balsa, pronto, whatever).
                     36: Standards compliance:
                     38: The introduction of non-standard features in browsers could make it difficult
                     39: or impossible to use alternative products like Epiphany if developers embrace
                     40: them.  Alternative (standards complying) browsers could not be able to
                     41: fully access web sites making use of these features.  The success of
                     42: non-standard features can ultimately lead to forcing one browser, on
                     43: one platform to dominate the market.
                     45: Standards compliance ensures the freedom of choice.  Epiphany aims to achieve
                     46: this.
                     48: USER INTERFACE LINES
                     50: - HIG compliance
1.3     ! mpeseng    52: Epiphany is going to follow version 1.0 of the gnome 
1.2       mpeseng    53: user guidelines. Unless there are very seriuos reasons to make an 
                     54: exception not following it will be considered a bug. 
                     55: "I follow the HIG only when I like it" is not a legitimate approach. 
                     56: Any areas where we diverge from the HIG will communicated 
                     57: to the HIG team for future consideration.
                     59: - Gnome integration
1.3     ! mpeseng    61: Epiphany's main goal is to be integrated with the gnome desktop. 
        !            62: We dont aim to make epiphany usable outside Gnome. If someone will like 
1.2       mpeseng    63: to use it anyway, it's just a plus. Ex: Making people happy that 
                     64: don't have control center installed is not a good reason 
1.3     ! mpeseng    65: to have mime configuration in epiphany itself.
1.2       mpeseng    66: 
                     67: - Simple design
                     69: Feature bloat and user interface clutter is evil :)
                     71: - Preferences
                     73: We will follow the new gnome policy about preferences. 
                     74: I think Havoc Pennington already explained it a lot 
                     75: better than I could ever do.
                     78: - User target
                     80: We target non-technical users by design. 
                     81: This happens to be 90% of the user population.
                     82: (Technical details should not exposed in the interface)
                     83: We target web users, we dont directly target web developers.
                     84: A few geek-oriented feautures can be kept as 
                     85: long as they are non-obtrusive.
                     87: REQUIREMENTS
                     89: You will need a complete installation of Gnome 2.2 desktop.
                     90: Mozilla API is not stable. I'll be keeping in sync epiphany cvs
                     91: head with mozilla cvs head.
                     92: The required mozilla version will be specified in the 
                     93: release notes.
                     95: HOW TO HELP
                     97: You can report new bugs on
                     98: Feel free to send patches.
                    100: About new feautures I'll just quote Metacity FAQ.
                    102: Q: Will you add my feature?
                    104: A: If it makes sense to turn on unconditionally,
                    105:    or is genuinely a harmless preference that I would not
                    106:    be embarrassed to put in a simple, uncluttered, user-friendly
                    107:    configuration dialog.
                    109:    If the only rationale for your feature is that other 
                    110:    [browsers] have it, or that you are personally used to it, or something
                    111:    like that, then I will not be impressed. [Epiphany] is firmly in the
                    112:    "choose good defaults" camp rather than the "offer 6 equally broken
                    113:    ways to do it, and let the user pick one" camp.
                    115:    Don't let this discourage patches and fixes - I love those. ;-)
                    116:    Just be prepared to hear the above objections if your patch
                    117:    adds some crack-ridden configuration option.
                    119: CONTACTS
                    121: Marco Pesenti Gritti <>

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