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Sat Apr 14 20:39:53 2007 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by buanzo
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0.8.0 released

<li>20070407 - 0.8.0: 0.7.9 promoted as Stable</li>
<li>20070407 - 0.7.9 <b>MAJOR SURGERY</b>: Enigform is now an XPCOM Component (nsIEnigformService). New preferences system. The "multiple passphrase dialog" bug is now fixed.</li>
<li>20070322 - 0.7.8 <b>Bug Fix</b>: GPGDeploySignature now uses a better algorithm. Accordingly, the Enigform PHP Test API has changed. Check it out <a href="">here</a></li>
<li>20070316 - 0.7.6 <b>Functional Changes</b>: Headers renamed from X-PGP to X-OpenPGP. New header added (X-OpenPGP-Type="S"). It is now possible to sign all requests.</li>
<li>20070313 - 0.7.5 <b>Mac OSX Support</b>: Initial MAC OSX Support added.I need beta testers.</li>
<li>20070311 - 0.7.3 <b>Windows Support</b>: Enigform now detects GPG.EXE using the Windows Registry. Path can also be set through preferences system. New DeploySignature algorithm.</li>
<li>20070308 - 0.7.0 <b>MAJOR FEATURE ENHANCEMENTS</b>: Ajax, GET, POST, all can be signed, while maintaning backwards compatibility. You can try it out against the <a href="">Enigform Testing Page</a>. <a href="">The Enigform Demo site</a> will be upgraded ASAP.</li>
<li>20070306 - 0.6.5 released.</li>

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