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    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    2: <a name="top"></a>
    3: <div align="right"><small>Last updated 2002-08-04 (for v 0.983)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</small></div>
    4: <strong><h2>EasySearch HowTo guide</h2></strong>
    5: <a href="#aboutstart">Howto info</a><br>
    6: ....<a href="#installation">Installation</a><br>
    7: ....<a href="#searchonternet">Search</a><br>
    8: ....<a href="#preferences">Preferences</a><br>
    9: <br>
   10: <br>
   11: <hr width="100%">
   12: <h3><a name="aboutstart">Howto info</a></h3>
   13: This is just a brief introduction to EasySearch Toolbar with some images how it works and looks like.
   14: See the <a href="documentation.html">documentation</a> for more details.<br>
   16: <br>
   17: <br>
   18: <a name="installation"><b>Installation</b></a> [<a href="#top">Top</a>]<br>
   19: Go to the <a href="installation.html">installation page</a>.<br>
   20: When you install EasySearch you can choose between two versions.<br>
   21: One version that is integrated into the personal toolbar. The other version is a stand-alone bar.<br>
   22: <br>
   23: <br>
   24: <a name="searchonternet"><b>Search</b></a> [<a href="#top">Top</a>]<br>
   25: <img src="images/howto_engine_0983.gif"><br>
   26: Select a search engine you want to use.<br>
   27: If you want more searchengines goto <a href="">MyCroft</a>.<br><br>
   28: <img src="images/howto_search_0983.gif"><br>
   29: You search by entering a search query in the &quot;search field&quot; and press enter or click on the name of the selected search engine.<br>
   30: Your search query will be stored in a history as shown on the picture.<br>
   31: <br>
   32: Click on the text "In page" if you want to search within the current page.<br>
   33: <br>
   34: <br>
   35: <a name="preferences"><b>Preferences</b></a> [<a href="#top">Top</a>]<br>
   36: <img src="images/howto_preferences_0983.gif"><br>
   37: You find the preferences for EasySearch in Mozilla by entering:<br>
   38: Edit-&gt;Preferences then select Advanced&gt;EasySearch.<br>

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