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Thu Jan 23 10:23:25 2003 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by jiri
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release 0.1

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<overlay xmlns:html=""

  <script type="application/x-javascript" src="dynamiclinks.js" />
  <script type="application/x-javascript"><![CDATA[


    if (!dlStop()) {

      //  I use the following double-registration & full-switch-off workaround
      //  for window.addEventListener("load", ...) because there seems to be a bug
      //  in Mozilla (I still test it, so no Bugzilla id) ... and unfortunately
      //  it looks like other programs trying to use the same type of listeners
      //  (but initialized only once) might not get activated

      window.addEventListener("load", dlOnLoadWindow, true);
      window.addEventListener("load", dlOnLoadWindow, false);

    function dlOnLoadWindow(evt) {
      if (dlStop()) return;
      window.removeEventListener("load", dlOnLoadWindow, false);
      window.removeEventListener("load", dlOnLoadWindow, true);
      window.addEventListener("mousemove", dlDynamicLinks, false);
      window.addEventListener("mouseout", dlMouseOut, false);
      window.addEventListener("keyup", dlKeyUp, false);



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