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    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    2: <h5 class="page-header">Screenshots</h5>
    3: <hr>
    4: <h3>DragToTab</h3>
    5: <p><img src="drag_icon.gif" width="530" height="340" border="0" alt="Dragging a desktop icon into the browser window."></p>
    6: <p><img src="drag_text.gif" width="349" height="264" border="0" alt="Dragging a typed URL into the browser window."></p>
    7: <p><img src="drag_link.gif" width="615" height="579" border="0" alt="Dragging a link from one browser window into the new tab button of another browser window."></p>
    8: <hr>
    9: <h3>MileWideBack</h3>
   10: <p><img src="milewideback/edge.gif" width="177" height="159" border="0" alt="A mouse clicking on the left edge of the screen."></p>
   11: <hr>
   12: <h3>ResizeSearchBox</h3>
   13: <p><img src="resizesearchbox/step4.gif" width="410" height="178" border="0" alt="Using the resize thumb to resize the search box."></p>
   14: <hr>
   15: <h3>SubmitToTab</h3>
   16: <p><img src="submittotab/contextmenu.gif" width="404" height="203" alt="A screenshot of the context menu with the new menu options visible."></p>
   17: <hr>
   18: <h3>KeywordSelection</h3>
   19: <p><img src="keywordselection/ks_explain3.gif" width="330" height="214" alt="Select some text on the current webpage." style="vertical-align:top">
   20: &nbsp;<img src="keywordselection/ks_explain4.gif" width="330" height="304" alt="Click on a keyword enabled bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar.">
   21: </p>
   22: <hr>
   23: <h3>CheckBoxMate</h3>
   24: <p><img src="checkboxmate/checkboxmate.gif" width="691" height="356" alt="Select checkboxes in your inbox." style="vertical-align:top">
   25: &nbsp;<img src="checkboxmate/checkboxmate.jpg" width="431" height="228" alt="Select checkboxes in a registration form.">
   26: </p>

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