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<h1 class="header">Getting Started</h1>
<h2 class="header">with: Resize Search Box</h2>

<p class="spaced">Before you can use the Resize Search Box extension, you must complete the following steps:</p>

<li><p>Go to the "<kbd>View</kbd>" menu, then "<kbd>Toolbars</kbd>", then "<kbd>Customize</kbd>" to open the Customize window.</p>

<li><p>Find the "<kbd>Resizer</kbd>" icon.</p>
<p class="img"><image src="tutorial1.gif" width="73" height="52" /></p>

<li><p><strong>Drag</strong> the Resizer icon to the <strong>toolbar</strong>. Put it next to the search box.</p>
<p class="img"><image src="tutorial2.gif" width="110" height="81" /></p>

<li><p>Click <kbd>Done</kbd>.</p>
<p class="spaced footer"><a href="tutorial.html" target="_content">Get more help online &raquo;</a></p>

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