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    2: <!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->
    3: <div id="infoTabs">
    4: <div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">
    5: <h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>
    6: <ul><li>v0.2 released</li>
    7: <li>v0.1.2 released</li>
    8: <li>v0.1.1 released</li>
    9: <li>v0.1 released</li></ul>
   10: <a href="installation.html#dtt">ChangeLog</a>
   11: </div>
   13: <div class="infoTab" id="other-stuff">
   14: <h5 class="infoHeader">Favourites</h5>
   15: <ul>
   16: <li><a href="" title="Drag and drop a link to the current window to open it in a new tab.">SuperDragAndGo</a><sup><small><a href="">(2)</a></small></sup></li>
   17: <li><a href="" title="Assign sounds to navigation clicks in the browser.">SoundExtension</a></li>
   18: <li><a href="" title="Right click on a selection to search it.">ContextSearch</a></li>
   19: <li><a href="" title="Navigate using URL manipulation heuristics.">EZNav</a></li>
   20: <li><a href="" title="Stream audio and movies to their respective players.">DownloadWith</a></li>
   21: <li><a href="" title="Quickly navigate back by clicking on the left edge of the screen.">MileWideBack</a></li>
   22: <li><a href="" title="Resize the search box.">ResizeSearchBox</a></li>
   23: </ul>
   24: </div>
   26: </div>
   27: <!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->
   29: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
   30: <h2>What is DragToTab?</h2>
   31: <p><em>DragToTab</em> is an extension that allows you to drag links, text or 
   32: files on to the "New Tab" and "New Window" icon in the toolbar to open them in either a 
   33: new tab or in a new window respectively. If the text contains a complete or partial 
   34: URL, it will be opened.
   35: </p>
   37: <p><strong class="installit"><a href="">Install it</a></strong> (2.33 KB)</p>
   39: <h2>Why use DragToTab?</h2>
   40: <p><img src="drag_icon.gif" width="530" height="340" border="0" alt="Dragging a desktop icon into the browser window."></p>
   41: <p>
   42: When you drag files from the desktop to the browser window, you often don't want 
   43: to disrupt your current web searches so, with this extension, you can 
   44: choose to open them in a new tab or a new window in one easy step.</p>
   45: <p style="text-align:center"><img src="drag_text.gif" width="349" height="264" border="0" alt="Dragging a typed URL to the new tab button."></p>
   46: <p>
   47: Sometimes webpages print URLs without turning 
   48: them into clickable links. You cannot open them in new tabs 
   49: because you cannot "middle-click" or "ctrl-click" on a text selection. But with 
   50: this extension, you can drag the text selection on to the toolbar icons to 
   51: either open them in a new tab or in a new window.
   52: </p>
   53: <p><img src="drag_link.gif" width="615" height="579" border="0" alt="Dragging a link from one browser window into the new tab button of another browser window."></p>
   54: <p>
   55: Sometimes you come across a link that you want to open as a tab but in another 
   56: existing window. With this extension, you can then drag the link to the new tab 
   57: toolbar icon of the other window to open it there as a new tab.
   58: </p>
   60: <h2>Other Information:</h2>
   61: <p>
   62: <ul><li>Use the Shift key to toggle whether new tabs are opened in the background 
   63: or opened in front.</li>
   64: <li>Middle-click on the New Tab button to open the current webpage in a new tab.</li>
   65: <li>Only Firefox 0.9+ is supported as of now because only Firefox has a 
   66: New Tab and New Window toolbar button.</li>
   67: <li>This extension is an implementation of enhancement bug <a href="" style="text-decoration:line-through">#179845</a>.</li>
   68: <li>This extension will not be ported to Firefox 1.1, because Firefox 1.1 
   69: will have support for this by default.</li>
   70: </ul></p>
   71: <p>&nbsp;</p>

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