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<h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>
<ul><li>v0.4 released</li>
<li>v0.3 released</li>
<li>v0.2 released</li>
<a href="../installation.html#dts">ChangeLog</a>

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<h5 class="infoHeader">Favourites</h5>
<li><a href="" title="Play a sound when a popup is blocked.">PopupSound</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Checks Yahoo Mail automatically.">YMail Notifier</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Check spellings with the right-click menu.">RiteOfTongue</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Quickly navigate back by clicking on the left edge of the screen.">MileWideBack</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="View the EXIF data embeded within JPEGs and TIFFs.">FxIF</a></li>

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<h2>What is DragToScroll?</h2>
<p><em>DragToScroll</em> is an extension that scrolls the window when you drag &amp; drop links or selections beyond the visible area so that you can paste them further up/down the page. To scroll the window, simply drag an object and hold the pointer over any edge of the window to scroll towards that direction.</p>

<p><strong class="installit"><a href="">Install it</a></strong> (2.58 KB)</p>

<h2>Why use DragToScroll?</h2>
<p><img src="dragscroll.gif" width="224" height="134" border="0" alt="Dragging a link to the bottom of the page." style="float:left; margin:1%">
How many times has this happened to you: You're at an Internet forum where the text 
box is at the bottom of the page. You want to quote someone else's text that is at the 
top of the page. You can choose to copy &amp; paste it, but then that is too much work. 
And what if you already have something else on your clipboard? Well with this extension, 
now you can select the text you want to quote and then drag &amp; drop it into the text 
box at the bottom of the page. As soon as the drag pointer reaches the edge of the 
window, the page will begin to scroll automatically depending on which edge you are 
pointing to. Then when the text box scrolls into view, simply drop the text into the 
text box.</p>

<h2>Other Information:</h2>
<p>This extension is a temporary fix for bug <a href="">#41708</a>.</p>

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