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   <tr>    <tr>
   <th scope="row">resources:</th>    <th scope="row">resources:</th>
   <td class="navigation-list">    <td class="navigation-list">
  <a class="first-item" href="/index.html">Home</a>  <a class="first-item" href="/index.html" title="Visit the project's main page">Home</a>
  <a href="/list.html">Mailing List</a>  <a href="/notes.html" title="Comments and suggestions welcome">Feedback</a>
  <a href="/installation.html">Installation</a>  <a href="/list.html" title="Read messages or sign up for the project mailing list">Mailing List</a>
  <a href="/source.html">Source Code</a><!--  <a href="/installation.html">Installation</a> -->
  <a href="/members.html">Members</a>  <a href="/members.html" title="People involved in the project">Members</a>
  <a href="/bugs.html">Bugs</a>  <a href="/bugs.html" title="File a report on errors or new documentation requests">Bugs</a>
  <a href="/screenshots.html">Screenshots</a>  <a href="/source.html" title="View files and revision history">Files (Source Code)</a>
   </td>    </td>
   </tr>    </tr>
   </tbody>    </tbody>

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