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[TXT] .cvsignore[GRAPH] 1.2 15 years dcostanz Ignore install.rdf and chrome. These are intermediate files that were added to s...
[TXT] Makefile[GRAPH] 1.79 5 years dcostanz Release version 0.7.4, which fixes a memory leak that caused 0.7.3 to be rejecte...
[TXT] chrome.manifest[GRAPH] 1.10 5 years dcostanz Fix a regression in Thunderbird where the context menu item stopped appearing in...
[TXT] install.rdf.m4[GRAPH] 1.35 5 years dcostanz Fix the maxVersion for SeaMonkey, as suggested when I tried to upload the 0.7.3 ...
[TXT] defaultprefs.js (in the Attic) [hide][GRAPH] 1.2 15 years dcostanz Remove defaultprefs.js from the tree. This was never really used, since the dic...
[TXT] install.js (in the Attic) [hide][GRAPH] 1.3 15 years dcostanz Replace install.js with install.js.m4. install.js.m4 is a preprocessed with m4 ...
[TXT] install.js.m4 (in the Attic) [hide][GRAPH] 1.14 8 years dcostanz dict-6.82.0 - mark as compatible with Firefox 7.*. Drop support for defunct Moz...

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