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[TXT] bugs.html[GRAPH] 1.5 14 years irongut style fix
[TXT] head.txt[GRAPH] 1.8 14 years irongut link rss feed for Firefox, Opera, etc
[TXT] hide_from_ns4.css[GRAPH] 1.1 16 years david adding templates
[TXT] index.html[GRAPH] 1.34 13 years irongut text rewritten, included NPAPI framework
[TXT] list.html[GRAPH] 1.6 14 years irongut style fix
[TXT] local.conf[GRAPH] 1.9 14 years cdn test break delphi
[TXT] mozdelphi_functions.js[GRAPH] 1.1 14 years irongut initial version of sidebar
[TXT] mozdelphi_whatsnew.js[GRAPH] 1.6 13 years irongut change to doesn't work in Opera message
[TXT] mozilla_delphi_project.xml[GRAPH] 1.24 11 years irongut keeping project active
[TXT] project.css[GRAPH] 1.82 13 years irongut changed heading styles
[TXT] project_nav.html[GRAPH] 1.13 14 years irongut minor style fix
[TXT] sidebar.html[GRAPH] 1.9 13 years irongut updated browser list
[TXT] source.html[GRAPH] 1.13 12 years irongut Made JSB beta code from Nov 2004 a stable release
[TXT] tortoisecvs_help.html[GRAPH] 1.5 13 years irongut minor text changes

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