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Sun Oct 8 06:56:10 2006 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by danielfreitag
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Compatibility update to FF 2.0

Uses secure login
No longer login at startup required

Update to use the new API

New features:
Clouded tag view
Bundles' support
Selection of multiple tags
bookmark tooltip 
Options menu
In post dialog, it is tried to find a bookmark after changing url. Be careful because delicious seems to add a '/'!
Caching of bookmarks. Use Reload-Button to refresh tags and bookmarks.

Changes and Fixes:
Changed title to 'Delicious Complete'
New french locale entities translated by lonei
edit encodes url, so the bookmark should be found all the times!
If description is empty, it is preset with url (see bug 13917)

Known issues
New locales needed!!!
The bookmark tooltip does not work really well.
Opening of bookmarks is more standard like. Should now work for everybody!
hotkey to open post dialog works again
included missing locale entities
toggle sidebar doesn't open add dialog anymore

Added functionality:
Edit of bookmarks possible

chrome.manifest excluded - no installation problems any more!

Added functionality:
Previous posts will be read and tags and extended description will be preset
Toolbar button has now a menu! Thanks to Yukichi
Added new context menu option to load bookmark in new tab -> new entity: <!ENTITY delicious.sidebar.bookmarks.openInNewTab "Open selected in new tab">
Middle click and Ctrl+Click opens in new tab

Japanese locale updated by Yukichi
Added french entity translation by Yannick

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