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  Conkeror is a highly programmable web browser for the Mozilla
  XULRunner platform.  Inspired by Emacs, it has a sophisticated
  keyboard system for running commands and interacting with webpage
  DOM.  It can interface with external editors and viewers.  It is
  self-documenting and extensible with Javascript.


  <li><em>web:</em> The <a href="">Conkeror
  website</a> is hosted by <a

  <li><em>irc:</em> There is a <a
  href="irc://">#conkeror</a> chat channel

  <li><em>mailing list:</em> There is a <a
  mailing list</a>.</li>

  <li><em>usenet:</em> The mailing list is usable through
  Gmane as gmane.comp.mozilla.conkeror.</li>

  <li><em>wiki:</em> <a href=""></a></li>

<h2>Get and Install</h2>

  <li><a href="index.php?doc=install">Installation Instructions</a></li>

  <li><em>Source code:</em>   The repository of Conkeror's source code is hosted by <a
  href=""></a>.  The most current branch
  of the repository is <code><?php echo (CONKEROR_CURRENT_DEV_BRANCH); ?></code>.</li>

  <li><em>Snapshots:</em> <a
  href=";h=<?php echo
  ?>">;h=<?php echo

<h2>Historical Conkeror</h2>

  Conkeror was formerly a Firefox extension.  The last official
  release of Conkeror the extension is version 0.42.  In 2007,
  Conkeror was ported to the XULRunner platform and development of
  Conkeror as a Firefox extension was abandoned.  The release archives
  of Conkeror the extension will remain available from <a
  href="">Mozdev Downloads</a>.

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