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    Conkeror is an Emacs-inspired, highly programmable web browser for  Conkeror is a highly programmable web browser for the Mozilla
    the Mozilla XULRunner platform.  Inspired by Emacs, it has a  XULRunner platform.  Inspired by Emacs, it has a sophisticated
    sophisticated keyboard system for running commands and interacting  keyboard system for running commands and interacting with webpage
    with webpage DOM.  DOM.  It can interface with external editors and viewers.  It is
  </p>  self-documenting.  It is extensible with Javascript.
    highly programmable 
    This website is hosted by <a href="http://www.mozdev.org/">mozdev.org</a>. 
    The repository of Conkeror's source code is hosted by <a 
     <li><em>web:</em> The <a href="http://conkeror.mozdev.org/">Conkeror
     website</a> is hosted by <a
     <li><em>irc:</em> There is a <a
     href="irc://irc.freenode.net/#conkeror">#conkeror</a> chat channel
     on irc.freenode.net.</li>
     <li><em>email:</em> There is a <a
     mailing list</a>.</li>
     <li><em>news:</em> You can also use the conkeror mailing list
     through the newsgroup gateway Gmane.  The address is
     <li><em>wiki:</em> The <a href="drupal/">Conkeror Drupal</a> includes a wiki and blogs.</li>
   <h2>Get and Install</h2>
     <li><em>Source code:</em>   The repository of Conkeror's source code is hosted by <a
     href="http://repo.or.cz/">repo.or.cz</a>.  The most current branch
     of the repository is <code>experimental-buffers</code>.</li>
     <li><em>Snapshots:</em> <a
     <li><a href="index.php?doc=install/windows">Installation Instructions for Windows</a></li>
   <h2>Historical Conkeror</h2>
     Conkeror was formerly a Firefox extension.  The last official
     release of Conkeror the extension is version 0.42.  In 2007,
     Conkeror was ported to the XULRunner platform and development of
     Conkeror as a Firefox extension was abandoned.  The release archives
     of Conkeror the extension will remain available from <a
     href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/conkeror/">Mozdev Downloads</a>.

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