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Actualization of screenshots

<h5 class="page-header">Screenshots</h5>

<p>The size of the header field can be reduced to one or two lines.</p>
Full header:<br>
<img  src="screenshot-fullheader-0.99.3.png"></p>
Short header (2 lines) with all buttons, but no text inside buttons:<br>
<img  src="screenshot-header-icons-2l-0.99.3.png"><br>
Short header (2 lines) with a few buttons and text inside buttons:<br>
<img  src="screenshot-header-2l-0.99.3.png"><br>
Short header (1 line):<br>
<img  src="screenshot-header-1l-0.99.3.png"><br>
Preferences dialog:<br>
<img  src="screenshot-preferences-0.99.3.png"><br>

<p>Customization Dialog for the header toolbar:<br>
<img  src="screenshot-customization-0.99.3.png"><br>

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