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 <h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation</a></h5>  <h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation</a></h5>
Download the xpi file from the link below by placing the mouse over the link and start the download by the context menu.Download the xpi file from one of the links below by just clicking on the link and then saving the file.
<p>For Thunderbird versions before b4pre of 09/09/10 use version 0.6.2:</p> 
<p><a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-0.6.2.xpi">Version 0.6.2 of CompactHeader</a></p> 
   <p>For Thunderbird versions before b4pre of 2009/09/10, e.g. Thunderbird 3.0 beta 3, use version 0.6.2:<br>
   <a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-0.6.2.xpi">Version 0.6.2 of CompactHeader</a></p>
<p>For Thunderbird versions starting with b4pre of 09/09/10 use version 0.7.0 or newer:</p><p>For Thunderbird versions starting with b4pre of 2009/09/10, e.g. Thunderbird 3.0 beta 4, use version 0.7.0 or new up to version 0.8.3:<br>
<p><a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-0.7.3.xpi">Version 0.7.3 of CompactHeader</a></p><a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-0.8.3.xpi">Version 0.8.3 of CompactHeader</a></p>
   <p>For Thunderbird versions starting with 3.0pre of about 2009/10/20, use version 0.9.0 or newer up to version 1.2.4:<br>
   <a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-1.2.4.xpi">Version 1.2.4 of CompactHeader</a></p>
 Or go to <a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/de/thunderbird/addon/13564/">addons.mozilla.org</a></p>  
   <p>For Thunderbird versions starting with 3.1 use version 1.2.4 or newer up to version 1.4.0:<br>
   <a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-1.4.0.xpi">Version 1.4.0 of CompactHeader</a></p>
   <p>For Thunderbird versions starting with 5.0, use version 1.2.5beta1 or newer:<br>
   <!-- update the version here--><a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-1.4.3.xpi">Version 1.4.3 of CompactHeader</a></p>
   <p>There is also an experimental version with sidebar support:<br>
   <a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-1.3.0beta6.xpi">Version 1.3.0beta6 of CompactHeader</a></p>
   Or go to <a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/addon/13564/">addons.mozilla.org</a></p>

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