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<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->
<div id="infoTabs">
  <div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">
    <h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>
      <li>Dec. 27th, 2003: Added Firebird Support</li>
      <li>Dec. 27th, 2003: The project isn't even officially started and there is already a patch
          provided by <b>Joachim Feise</b></li>
<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->

<p>Welcome to the <strong><?php echo ucwords($project); ?></strong> project</p>

  <img src="images/clock.png" width="100" height="84" border="1">
  <img src="images/fb_menu.png" width="124" height="48" border="1">

The clock project is a simple digital clock that displays time in the far right corner
of your Mozilla browser menubar. Currently there are some limited options and
clicking on the clock will toggle the current date/time.

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