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<div id="infoTabs">
	<div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">
		<h5 class="infoHeader">News</h5>
			<li><a href="">New Blog</a>
			<li>Initial Release</li>

<h2 id="redirectToBlog"><a href="">New Official Site</a></h2>


	8/27/2006 - This site will probably be orphaned for blow by blow updates.  I've got another homepage for the extension.
	I think it'll be a little easier to keep up to date and also easy to get comments from people.  This site will continue
	to host the <a href="">extension's xpi</a> and the <a href="">cvs repository</a>.  
	If you're looking for a running commentary about the extension's development,
	check out <a href="">Cingular Minute Minder's blog</a>.  Shoot me some comments so I
	know it's helpful.
	Minute Minder for Cingular Service is the unofficial extension that displays your remaining 
	Cingular anytime minutes in the status bar. It saves your personal information in Firefox's 
	password manager and updates with the latest information anytime you click on the extension in the status bar.
	To download, check out the <a href="installation.html">install page</a> for the lastest version.

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