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Tue Mar 5 10:16:09 2002 UTC (17 years, 7 months ago) by macserv
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Having some issues with the setting for autohiding.  Removing conditional.  Also, updating Chimera DL location.

    2: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    3: <P><B>Installation</B><BR>
    5: The newest build is 0.1.3.  You can download it 
    6: <a href="">here</a>.
    7: <p>
    8: <p><b>Building Chimera</b><br>
    9: <p>
   10: Chimera has complete build instructions on mozilla's Web pages (under
   11: the code name ChimChim).  You can find those instructions
   12: <a href="">here</a>.
   13: Be aware that the downloadable build listed above contains numerous
   14: patches to Mozilla that have not yet been accepted, so any builds that
   15: you do will not be as stable or as performant as the downloadable
   16: build above.
   17: <p>
   18: If you have questions about building, use the chimera mailing list or hop on to #mozilla, and someone can help you out.

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