The newest official build of Chimera is 0.3.0.

Download Chimera 0.3

You can also grab the latest nightly build here:

Nightly builds are not official. They are an up-to-the-day snapshot of current development.

What's New (0.3)

The smooth text implementation now relies on new 10.1.5 features. It is now only 5% slower than the unsmoothed text, and about 30% faster than the smooth text feature in 0.2.8. You'll find that most operations (typing in text fields, resizing of windows, scrolling) are now much faster as well.

The build is much smaller because of a change in build process. This makes page loads a bit faster.

You can now edit bookmarks.

Many crash fixes. :) This build is much more stable than 0.2.8.