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Updating web pages.

    2: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    3: <P><B>Installation</B><BR>
    4: Chimera 0.2.2 will be available at midnight tonight!  You will be
    5: able to download it from <a href="">this link</a>.
    6: <p>
    7: Until then, dDownload Chimera <a href="">0.2.1 here</a>. 
    8: <p>
    9:  <font color=red>The MIME type from the Netscape server is incorrect, so instead of clicking on the link, use your context menu
   10: to "Save Link As...".</font>
   11: <p>
   12: <p><b>What's New In 0.2.2</b>
   13: <p>
   14: Chimera can now open URLs sent to it from other apps, so you can
   15: now make Chimera your default browser and not have it sit there
   16: looking stupid when you tell it to load something. ;)
   17: <p>
   18: Text Zoom has been implemented, so you can now increase and decrease
   19: the font size used in a Web page.
   20: <p>
   21: Chimera now obeys the new minimum font size pref, ensuring that 
   22: Quartz-rendered fonts don't fall below the typical anti-aliasing cutoff
   23: point.
   24: Quartz rendering has been improved.  In addition to being speedier,
   25: it now has fixes for printing and for text spacing.
   26: <p>
   27: Chimera now has a bookmarks toolbar.  Like the Mozilla Classic personal
   28: toolbar, Chimera's toolbar can wrap to multiple rows and supports pages
   29: and folders.
   30: <p>
   31: Bookmarks management has been improved.  You can now specify where you
   32: want to create a new bookmark.  You can now create new folders.  
   33: The sidebar tree widget has been enhanced to support more keyboard
   34: navigation (left/right arrows to open/close, return to launch,
   35: delete key to delete, etc.).  
   36: <p>
   37: Bookmark groups have been fully implemented.  When adding a bookmark
   38: with multiple tabs open, you have the option of bookmarking all the
   39: tabs as a single group.  Use this feature to load bundles of pages in a single
   40: click!
   41: <p>
   42: Background tab loading will now work.  Background tabs will now refresh
   43: properly if left unattended.
   44: <p>
   45: Enjoy!  <br>
   46: Dave<br>
   47: (<br>
   49: <p><b>Building Chimera</b><br>
   50: <p>
   51: Chimera has complete build instructions on mozilla's Web pages (under
   52: the code name ChimChim).  You can find those instructions
   53: <a href="">here</a>.
   54: Be aware that the downloadable build listed above contains numerous
   55: patches to Mozilla that have not yet been accepted, so any builds that
   56: you do will not be as stable or as performant as the downloadable
   57: build above.
   58: <p>
   59: If you have questions about building, use the chimera mailing list or hop on to #mozilla, and someone can help you out.

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