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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <P><B>Installation</B><BR>  <P><B>Installation</B><BR>
The newest build is 0.2.1.
The newest build is 0.2.0.  You can download it <p>
<a href="downloads/chimera-latest.dmg.tar.gz"">here</a>.Download Chimera <a href="http://people.netscape.com/sdagley/chimera/chimera21.dmg.gz">here</a>.  <font color=red>The MIME type from the Netscape server is incorrect, so instead of clicking on the link, use your context menu
 to "Save Link As...".</font>
 <p><b>What's New In 0.2.1</b>
 Find in Page and Find Again are now implemented.  
 Chimera will now remember your window's size and position across launches,
 so you don't have to constantly resize your browser window any more.
 Chimera will now move and shrink a browser window as necessary to
 accommodate the sidebar.  If you don't move the window, then it will also
 return to its original size and position after you close the sidebar.
 Context menus are now in place for all objects (links, images, input fields).
 Several commands have been hooked up, including Back/Forward/Reload,
 the ability to open links in new windows and tabs, and the ability to
 save links and images to disk (although you won't see any progress
 yet while saving).
 <p>  <p>
<p><b>What's New In 0.2.0</b>Chimera has fully implemented popup blocking, in a way that is
 actually accessible to novice users.  Chimera can detect whether a popup
 is of the evil variety and offers to enable popup blocking when it
 encounters one of these popups.  Click Ok and you'll never be bothered
 by popups again.  No mucking through advanced or obscure preferences
 to figure out how to block popups.  Chimera takes care of this for you.
 <p>  <p>
The latest build of Chimera demonstrates a highly experimentalThe bookmarks sidebar has been revamped with all new icons.  Menu bookmarks will now show up
implementation of Quartz rendering.  The current build locks youafter you add them.  The sidebar has a new bookmark task bar for common
into Quartz, but the Quickdraw renderer will still be availableactions such as creating a bookmark, editing a bookmark, creating a folder
via a pref in a later point release.  For now you're locked intoor removing a bookmark.  
Quartz with the current build.  Also, printing with Quartz turned on 
is pretty busted, so don't even bother. :) 
Chimera 0.2.0 has much improved scrolling over previous versions. 
Most importantly it now uses native Aqua scrollbars rather than  
emulating the look via the Appearance Manager.  Scrolling is also 
much faster, using both the wheel and the keyboard. 
The tab browser feature has had some crash fixes and speed 
enhancements.  You can now also cycle through tabs via the keyboard 
and close tabs.  In addition the tab strip will auto-hide when only 
one tab is being used. 
 <p>  <p>
Chimera 0.2.0 has a new splash screen, application icon, and new toolbarYou can now use Option+Click to save links (although again, no progress indication will be given yet).
and sidebar icons.  
 <p>  <p>
Finally and most importantly Chimera has had many crash fixes andOther miscellaneous fixes: The horizontal scrollbar problem has been fixed in 0.2.1.  Tab keyboard navigation has been improved.  Textfields no longer have trouble accepting input.  The Home gaffe (mapping to the cycle windows key) has been fixed.  The sidebar crashes have been fixed. 
stability fixes.   
 <p>  <p>
 Enjoy!  <br>  Enjoy!  <br>
 Dave<br>  Dave<br>

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