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1.1       david       1: <table>
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                      5: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
1.37    ! hyatt       6: <b>6/6/2002</b><br>
        !             7: Chimera 0.3 has been released.  The focus of this release was speed and stability.
        !             8: Go to the <a href="installation.html">installation page</a> to grab it.
        !             9: <p>
1.33      hyatt      10: <b>5/31/2002</b><br>
                     11: We now have a branch of the mozilla tree for Chimera.  The Chimera tree is a branch
                     12: of the Mozilla 1.0 release branch.  We will not be coming back to the trunk until
                     13: after Chimera 1.0 is released.  This way we can guarantee stability in the layout
                     14: engine and mozilla tree while we hammer out the rest of the GUI and hone the layout
                     15: engine patches for ATSUI and plugins.
                     16: <p>
1.34      hyatt      17: What this means is that you can now build Chimera without having to apply any
1.33      hyatt      18: patches, since the Chimera mega-patch has been checked into the branch.  We are
                     19: also now producing nightly builds, and we will have tinderboxen monitoring the
                     20: Chimera branch soon.  Remember, although these nightly builds will have a version
                     21: number on the splash screen, they should not be considered to be official releases.
                     22: When you go to grab this most recent nightly, it's going to claim to be Chimera 0.3.
                     23: It isn't.  It's just the latest snapshot on the way to 0.3. :)
                     24: <p>
                     25: You can grab nightlies from this ftp subdirectory.
                     26: <p>
                     27: <a href="">
                     29: </a>
                     30: </p>
1.34      hyatt      31: With the advent of nightly builds (thank you Brian and Patrick!), 
                     32: we will probably slow down the frequency
                     33: of milestone releases.  Rather than releasing 0.3, 0.3.1, 0.3.2, etc. we will
                     34: probably just move to a milestone-driven model, releasing 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, and so
                     35: on up to 1.0 candidates.
                     36: <p>
1.33      hyatt      37: Also, mozdev is no longer being used for bugs.  Bugzilla is now being used
                     38: for bugs.  <i>Do not file bugs in mozdev.</I>  File them with
1.35      hyatt      39: <a href=""></a>.  Chimera
1.33      hyatt      40: has its own product in bugzilla now.  Do not file Chimera bugs on the Mozilla browser
                     41: product!
1.34      hyatt      42: <p>
                     43: I'd encourage people spamming the mailing list to check out 
                     44: the message boards at <a href="">
                     45:</a>.  The board there is well-organized, and I'm
                     46: reading that now instead of reading the mailing list, so I'm not even going to
                     47: see anything you post to the mailing list from now on. :)
1.33      hyatt      48: <p>
                     49: That's about it.
                     50: Dave
                     51: <p>
1.31      hyatt      52: <b>5/28/2002</b><br>
                     53: Hey, Dave here. With all the silly rumors floating around, we figured it's time
1.32      hyatt      54: to get another build out. This build contains new features (from Joe
1.31      hyatt      55: Hewitt and Mike Pinkerton) and some plugin fixes (thanks Patrick!) and crash fixes.
1.32      hyatt      56: Thanks to Brian Ryner for producing a new build with the mega-Chimera patch applied!
1.31      hyatt      57: <p>
                     58: The 0.2.8 build is up on <a href=""></a>.  For
                     59: a list of what's new, check out the installation <a href="installation.html">page</a>.
                     60: <p>
1.30      hyatt      61: <b>5/3/2002</b><br>
                     62: What? You thought we'd forgotten you?  Of course not!  Chimera 0.2.7
                     63: is <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
                     64: <p> 
1.29      hyatt      65: <b>4/29/2002</b><br>
                     66: Chimera 0.2.6 is out.  It supports the OS home page and proxy settings.
                     67: You can also import bookmarks!  Get it on the installation page.
                     68: <p>
1.28      hyatt      69: <b>4/26/2002</b><br>
                     70: Chimera 0.2.5 has been released.  This build has greatly improved
                     71: plugin support.  <a href="installation.html">You know the drill</a>.
                     72: <p>
1.27      hyatt      73: <b>4/24/2002</b><br>
                     74: Chimera 0.2.4 is available for download.  This build is not for the
                     75: faint of heart.  If you're brave, click <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
                     76: <p>
1.25      hyatt      77: <b>4/22/2002</b><br>
                     78: Chimera 0.2.3 is out!  This build has working dropdown lists in Web pages,
                     79: so you're going to want this one! Get it from the 
                     80: <a href="installation.html">installation</a> page.  :) 
1.26      hyatt      81: <p>
                     82: <b>4/20/2002</b><br>
                     83: Chimera 0.2.2 will be available at midnight tonight.  
                     84: Get it <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
1.25      hyatt      86: <p>
1.23      hyatt      87: <b>4/6/2002</b><br>
                     88: Chimera 0.2 is ready.  Plugins didn't make the train but we do have
                     89: Quartz rendering and native scrollbars included!  You can get Chimera 0.2
                     90: <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
                     91: <p>
1.21      hyatt      92: <b>3/15/2002</b><br>
                     93: Dave here with a progress update on Chimera 0.2.  I've received
1.22      hyatt      94: lots of emails asking when Chimera 0.2 is going to be released.  The answer
1.21      hyatt      95: is "When it's ready." :)  
                     96: <p>
                     97: We are holding Chimera 0.2 for Quartz rendering and plugins. 
                     98: After all, a browser just isn't a browser until
                     99: you can view the Star Wars Episode II Trailer in all its glory inside
                    100: your window (and have it surrounded by pretty antialiased text at the
                    101: same time). :)
                    102: <p>
                    103: We are also working on crashers and stability fixes, as well as adding
                    104: some of the most requested immediate features at the same time.
                    105: <p>
1.19      hyatt     106: <b>3/7/2002</b><br>
                    107: We are currently working on version 0.2 of Chimera.  It should be
                    108: coming your way fairly soon.  
                    109: <p>
                    110: I received feedback from loyal Omniweb users requesting that I produce
                    111: numbers using the latest Sneakypeeks rather than 4.1b1.  I was told that
                    112: the latest SP was substantially faster.  That is absolutely true.  Check
                    113: out Omniweb's improved numbers in the page load tests
                    114: <a href="showdown.html">here</a>.
                    115: <p>
1.20      hyatt     116: I also received feedback from iCab users asking me to run
                    117: iCab through the page load tests.  I should clarify why iCab was
                    118: left out of the tests.  The problem with iCab is that it does not wait
                    119: until images on a page have loaded before it claims that the page is
                    120: fully loaded.  This means that the numbers that it scores on the test
                    121: are inaccurate, because they don't include the time for loading images.
                    122: This is in direct violation of the specified behavior for load handlers,
                    123: so iCab was disqualified from all tests.
                    124: <p>
1.17      hyatt     125: <b>2/24/2002</b><BR>
                    126: Version 0.1.3 of Chimera is now available for download.
                    127: It contains support for security (SSL, HTTPS, etc.) as well as
                    128: support for alerts and user/password prompts, and some more crash
1.18      hyatt     129: fixes.  This build is also 5% faster than 0.1.2. :)
1.17      hyatt     130: <p>
                    131: You can download it from the installation page.  
                    132: <p>
1.14      hyatt     133: <b>2/22/2002</b><br>
1.15      hyatt     134: For the curious, I have posted the results of a browser showdown
                    135: between the major OS X browsers.  The clear speed winner?  Chimera, of
                    136: course!  Check out the details <a href="showdown.html">here</a>!.
1.17      hyatt     137: Of course all we do is speed right now, so until we're a full-featured
                    138: browser, take this with a grain of salt. :)
1.15      hyatt     139: <p>
1.14      hyatt     140: Version 0.12 of Chimera is now available for download.  As per your
                    141: feedback, it is a disk
                    142: image (and does not use the .pkg installer).  You can download it
1.16      macserv   143: <a href="">here</a>.  
1.14      hyatt     144: <p>
                    145: This build of Chimera contains the following improvements over 0.11:
                    146: <ul>
                    147: <li>Scroll wheel support
                    148: <li>Support for key events (so you can type/scroll/submit forms etc.)
                    149: <li>Support for hover feedback and cursor feedback
                    150: <li>Many crash fixes
                    151: <li>Improved scrolling speed (yes, ma, we blit now)
                    152: </ul>
                    153: <P>
                    154: Quartz rendering is getting closer to being a reality, but it's not quite
                    155: there yet.  Maybe for 0.2.  :)
                    156: <p>
                    157: Enjoy!  Feedback/comments are always welcome on the mailing
                    158: list.  This build specifically addresses the top initial complaints about
                    159: Chimera.  Let us know what we're doing wrong (and right), so we can make
                    160: the best OS X browser out there! :)
                    161: <p>
1.12      hyatt     162: <b>2/14/2002</b><br>
                    163: Version 0.11 of Chimera is now available for download.  For those of you
                    164: using 0.1, 0.11 is 33% faster! :)  You can download this build
1.13      macserv   165: <a href="">here</a>.
1.12      hyatt     166: <p>
1.11      hyatt     167: <b>2/13/2002</b><br>
                    168: The tab browser is up and limping in Chimera.  We also have our first
                    169: downloadable build available.  You can fetch that 
1.13      macserv   170: <a href="">here</a>.  It really isn't
1.11      hyatt     171: usable yet, but enough people seem to want to play with
                    172: builds anyway. :)
                    173: <p>
1.10      hyatt     174: <b>2/9/2002</b><br>
                    175: Bookmarks are online in Chimera.  They can be accessed from the bookmarks
                    176: sidebar panel and from the top-level menu.  You can add and delete
                    177: bookmarks.
                    178: The status bar is now live and updates when the page loads.
                    179: <p>
1.9       hyatt     181: <b>2/4/2002</b><br>
1.7       hyatt     182: Chimera is coming along quite nicely!  We have icons for all of the
                    183: toolbar buttons (and they're all hooked up).  Printing works, and
                    184: we have cache and global history hooked up.
                    185: <p>
                    186: Everything in the File menu is implemented.  This includes the ability
                    187: to open and close windows, to open files, to open a web location,
                    188: to work offline and online, and to save Web pages, both in a complete
                    189: form (including images) or in a simple form (source only).
                    190: <p>
1.8       hyatt     191: <b>1/27/2002</b><br>
1.3       hyatt     192: This is the project page for <b>Chimera</b>, a new project aimed at
                    193: delivering a best-of-breed browser on the OS X platform.  Chimera
                    194: uses <a href="">
                    195: Cocoazilla</a>, a variant of <a href="">
                    196: Fizzilla</a> that consists of a UNIX back end wed to a Cocoa front end.
                    197: <p>
                    198: The cross-platform UI will be replaced with native Cocoa widgetry (such as
                    199: customizable toolbars and a drawer for the sidebar).  The plan is to
                    200: produce only a browser (no other apps!), and to keep the UI as simple
                    201: and as clean as possible.  
                    202: <p>
                    203: Current project contributors include myself ( and
                    204: Matt Judy (  If you are interested in getting
                    205: involved, contact one of us!  There's plenty of work to go around!
                    206: <p>
1.1       david     207: 
                    208: </td>
                    210: </tr>
                    211: </table>

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