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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
   Chimera 0.2.2 will be available at midnight tonight.  
   Get it <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
   Chimera 0.2 is ready.  Plugins didn't make the train but we do have
   Quartz rendering and native scrollbars included!  You can get Chimera 0.2
   <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
   Dave here with a progress update on Chimera 0.2.  I've received
   lots of emails asking when Chimera 0.2 is going to be released.  The answer
   is "When it's ready." :)  
   We are holding Chimera 0.2 for Quartz rendering and plugins. 
   After all, a browser just isn't a browser until
   you can view the Star Wars Episode II Trailer in all its glory inside
   your window (and have it surrounded by pretty antialiased text at the
   same time). :)
   We are also working on crashers and stability fixes, as well as adding
   some of the most requested immediate features at the same time.
   We are currently working on version 0.2 of Chimera.  It should be
   coming your way fairly soon.  
   I received feedback from loyal Omniweb users requesting that I produce
   numbers using the latest Sneakypeeks rather than 4.1b1.  I was told that
   the latest SP was substantially faster.  That is absolutely true.  Check
   out Omniweb's improved numbers in the page load tests
   <a href="showdown.html">here</a>.
   I also received feedback from iCab users asking me to run
   iCab through the page load tests.  I should clarify why iCab was
   left out of the tests.  The problem with iCab is that it does not wait
   until images on a page have loaded before it claims that the page is
   fully loaded.  This means that the numbers that it scores on the test
   are inaccurate, because they don't include the time for loading images.
   This is in direct violation of the specified behavior for load handlers,
   so iCab was disqualified from all tests.
 <p>  <p>
 <b>2/24/2002</b><BR>  <b>2/24/2002</b><BR>
 Version 0.1.3 of Chimera is now available for download.  Version 0.1.3 of Chimera is now available for download.

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