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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
   We now have a branch of the mozilla tree for Chimera.  The Chimera tree is a branch
   of the Mozilla 1.0 release branch.  We will not be coming back to the trunk until
   after Chimera 1.0 is released.  This way we can guarantee stability in the layout
   engine and mozilla tree while we hammer out the rest of the GUI and hone the layout
   engine patches for ATSUI and plugins.
   What this means is that you can now build Chimera without having to apply any
   patches, since the Chimera mega-patch has been checked into the branch.  We are
   also now producing nightly builds, and we will have tinderboxen monitoring the
   Chimera branch soon.  Remember, although these nightly builds will have a version
   number on the splash screen, they should not be considered to be official releases.
   When you go to grab this most recent nightly, it's going to claim to be Chimera 0.3.
   It isn't.  It's just the latest snapshot on the way to 0.3. :)
   You can grab nightlies from this ftp subdirectory.
   <a href="ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/chimera/nightly/latest-trunk/">
   With the advent of nightly builds (thank you Brian and Patrick!), 
   we will probably slow down the frequency
   of milestone releases.  Rather than releasing 0.3, 0.3.1, 0.3.2, etc. we will
   probably just move to a milestone-driven model, releasing 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, and so
   on up to 1.0 candidates.
   Also, mozdev is no longer being used for bugs.  Bugzilla is now being used
   for bugs.  <i>Do not file bugs in mozdev.</I>  File them with
   <a href="http://bugzilla.mozilla.org</a>http://bugzilla.mozilla.org</a>.  Chimera
   has its own product in bugzilla now.  Do not file Chimera bugs on the Mozilla browser
   I'd encourage people spamming the mailing list to check out 
   the message boards at <a href="http://chimera.eternaltedium.com">
   http://chimera.eternaltedium.com</a>.  The board there is well-organized, and I'm
   reading that now instead of reading the mailing list, so I'm not even going to
   see anything you post to the mailing list from now on. :)
   That's about it.
   Hey, Dave here. With all the silly rumors floating around, we figured it's time
   to get another build out. This build contains new features (from Joe
   Hewitt and Mike Pinkerton) and some plugin fixes (thanks Patrick!) and crash fixes.
   Thanks to Brian Ryner for producing a new build with the mega-Chimera patch applied!
   The 0.2.8 build is up on <a href="ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/chimera/releases/chimera28.dmg.gz">ftp.mozilla.org</a>.  For
   a list of what's new, check out the installation <a href="installation.html">page</a>.
   What? You thought we'd forgotten you?  Of course not!  Chimera 0.2.7
   is <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
   Chimera 0.2.6 is out.  It supports the OS home page and proxy settings.
   You can also import bookmarks!  Get it on the installation page.
   Chimera 0.2.5 has been released.  This build has greatly improved
   plugin support.  <a href="installation.html">You know the drill</a>.
   Chimera 0.2.4 is available for download.  This build is not for the
   faint of heart.  If you're brave, click <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
   Chimera 0.2.3 is out!  This build has working dropdown lists in Web pages,
   so you're going to want this one! Get it from the 
   <a href="installation.html">installation</a> page.  :) 
   Chimera 0.2.2 will be available at midnight tonight.  
   Get it <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
   Chimera 0.2 is ready.  Plugins didn't make the train but we do have
   Quartz rendering and native scrollbars included!  You can get Chimera 0.2
   <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
   Dave here with a progress update on Chimera 0.2.  I've received
   lots of emails asking when Chimera 0.2 is going to be released.  The answer
   is "When it's ready." :)  
   We are holding Chimera 0.2 for Quartz rendering and plugins. 
   After all, a browser just isn't a browser until
   you can view the Star Wars Episode II Trailer in all its glory inside
   your window (and have it surrounded by pretty antialiased text at the
   same time). :)
   We are also working on crashers and stability fixes, as well as adding
   some of the most requested immediate features at the same time.
 <p>  <p>
 <b>3/7/2002</b><br>  <b>3/7/2002</b><br>
 We are currently working on version 0.2 of Chimera.  It should be  We are currently working on version 0.2 of Chimera.  It should be

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