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Revision 1.5: download - view: markup
Sun Mar 17 11:07:14 2002 UTC (17 years ago) by macserv
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Changes since revision 1.4: +7 -8 lines
This represents my final planned checkin for version 0.2.0 of this project.  BrowserWindowController was modified to allow for a dynamic 'Sidebar' toolbar icon, and the requisite graphics have also been added.  Credits were modified to include a few individual contributors.  A TruncatedTabView object is being created, but is not ready for 0.2.0.  I am adding it to CVS anyway to alleviate the potential for error, but it is not linked.  The sidebar tab icons have been updated, along with the Stop and Reload toolbar icons.

Revision 1.4: download - view: markup
Mon Mar 11 09:23:36 2002 UTC (17 years ago) by macserv
Branches: MAIN
Changes since revision 1.3: +45 -31 lines
Adding some groundwork for the NSTabViewItem subclass that will draw icons in its tab labels.  Added a line to the BrowserWindowController that creates a dummy instance of this subclass.  It will be removed when things work better.  Added the tab icons themselves.  Adding some of the updated toobar icons. The BrowserWindowController has a new outlet to the sidebar tabview, and the project was touched, of course.

Revision 1.3: download - view: markup
Wed Mar 6 00:59:30 2002 UTC (17 years ago) by hyatt
Branches: MAIN
Changes since revision 1.2: +300 -21 lines
Check in UGO's browser icons and back out the missing prefs file to fix build bustage.

Revision 1.2: download - view: markup
Mon Feb 4 10:37:03 2002 UTC (17 years, 1 month ago) by macserv
Branches: MAIN
Changes since revision 1.1: +22 -7 lines
Updating browser stop toolbar icon

Revision 1.1: download - view: markup
Tue Jan 29 10:01:11 2002 UTC (17 years, 1 month ago) by hyatt
Branches: MAIN
Initial commit of Chimera, a Gecko-based browser with a native Cocoa front end.

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