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Sat Apr 20 00:02:55 2002 UTC (18 years, 1 month ago) by hyatt
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Make hidden tabs actually able to work with Gecko (for background tab loading and bookmark groups).  Requires an update of the Mozilla tree.

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#ifndef __nsCocoaBrowserView_h__
#define __nsCocoaBrowserView_h__

#undef DARWIN
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@class NSBrowserView;
class nsCocoaBrowserListener;
class nsIDOMWindow;
class nsIWebBrowser;
class nsIDOMNode;
class nsIDOMEvent;
class nsIWebBrowserFind;

// Protocol implemented by anyone interested in progress
// related to a BrowserView. A listener should explicitly
// register itself with the view using the addListener
// method.
@protocol NSBrowserListener
- (void)onLoadingStarted;
- (void)onLoadingCompleted:(BOOL)succeeded;
// Invoked regularly as data associated with a page streams
// in. If the total number of bytes expected is unknown,
// maxBytes is -1.
- (void)onProgressChange:(int)currentBytes outOf:(int)maxBytes;
- (void)onLocationChange:(NSURL*)url;
- (void)onStatusChange:(NSString*)aMessage;
// Called when a context menu should be shown.
- (void)onShowContextMenu:(int)flags domEvent:(nsIDOMEvent*)aEvent domNode:(nsIDOMNode*)aNode;

typedef enum {
  NSStatusTypeScript            = 0x0001,
  NSStatusTypeScriptDefault     = 0x0002,
  NSStatusTypeLink              = 0x0003,
} NSStatusType;

@protocol NSBrowserContainer
- (void)setStatus:(NSString *)statusString ofType:(NSStatusType)type;
- (NSString *)title;
- (void)setTitle:(NSString *)title;
// Set the dimensions of our NSView. The container might need to do
// some adjustment, so the view doesn't do it directly.
- (void)sizeBrowserTo:(NSSize)dimensions;
// Create a new browser container window and return the contained view. 
- (NSBrowserView*)createBrowserWindow:(unsigned int)mask;

enum {
  NSLoadFlagsNone                   = 0x0000,
  NSLoadFlagsDontPutInHistory       = 0x0010,
  NSLoadFlagsReplaceHistoryEntry    = 0x0020,
  NSLoadFlagsBypassCacheAndProxy    = 0x0040

enum {
  NSStopLoadNetwork   = 0x01,
  NSStopLoadContent   = 0x02,
  NSStopLoadAll       = 0x03  

@interface NSBrowserView : NSView 
  nsIWebBrowser* _webBrowser;
  nsCocoaBrowserListener* _listener;
  NSWindow* mWindow;

// NSView overrides
- (id)initWithFrame:(NSRect)frame;
- (id)initWithFrame:(NSRect)frame andWindow:(NSWindow*)aWindow;

- (void)dealloc;
- (void)setFrame:(NSRect)frameRect;

// nsIWebBrowser methods
- (void)addListener:(id <NSBrowserListener>)listener;
- (void)removeListener:(id <NSBrowserListener>)listener;
- (void)setContainer:(id <NSBrowserContainer>)container;
- (nsIDOMWindow*)getContentWindow;

// nsIWebNavigation methods
- (void)loadURI:(NSURL *)url flags:(unsigned int)flags;
- (void)reload:(unsigned int)flags;
- (BOOL)canGoBack;
- (BOOL)canGoForward;
- (void)goBack;
- (void)goForward;
- (void)gotoIndex:(int)index;
- (void)stop:(unsigned int)flags;
- (NSURL*)getCurrentURI;

- (void)saveDocument: (NSView*)aFilterView filterList: (NSPopUpButton*)aFilterList;
- (void)saveURL: (NSView*)aFilterView filterList: (NSPopUpButton*)aFilterList
            url: (NSURL*)aURL suggestedFilename: (NSString*)aFilename;

- (void)printDocument;

- (BOOL)findInPage:(NSString*)inText;



- (void)setActive: (BOOL)aIsActive;

- (NSMenu*)getContextMenu;
- (NSWindow*)getNativeWindow;

- (void)destroyWebBrowser;
- (nsIWebBrowser*)getWebBrowser;
- (nsCocoaBrowserListener*)getCocoaBrowserListener;
- (void)setWebBrowser:(nsIWebBrowser*)browser;

#endif // __nsCocoaBrowserView_h__

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