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version 1.27, 2002/04/10 07:46:37 version 1.28, 2002/04/12 01:16:44
Line 46 Line 46
 #include "nsIChromeEventHandler.h"  #include "nsIChromeEventHandler.h"
 #include "nsPIDOMWindow.h"  #include "nsPIDOMWindow.h"
 #include "nsIDOMEventReceiver.h"  #include "nsIDOMEventReceiver.h"
   #include "nsIPrefBranch.h"
   #include "nsIPrefService.h"
   #include "nsCocoaBrowserService.h"
 #define DOCUMENT_DONE_STRING @"Document: Done"  #define DOCUMENT_DONE_STRING @"Document: Done"
 #define LOADING_STRING @"Loading..."  #define LOADING_STRING @"Loading..."
Line 338  static const char* ioServiceContractID = Line 341  static const char* ioServiceContractID =
   [[self window] setFrame:frame display:YES];    [[self window] setFrame:frame display:YES];
 }  }
   #define NS_POPUP_BLOCK @"This Web site is attempting to open an unrequested popup window.  Navigator can \
   automatically prevent Web sites from opening popup advertisements.  Would you like to turn on \
   popup blocking now?"
 - (NSBrowserView*)createBrowserWindow:(unsigned int)mask  - (NSBrowserView*)createBrowserWindow:(unsigned int)mask
 {  {
     nsCOMPtr<nsIPrefBranch> pref(do_GetService("@mozilla.org/preferences-service;1"));
     if (!pref)
       return NS_OK; // Something bad happened if we can't get prefs.
     PRBool showBlocker;
     pref->GetBoolPref("browser.popups.showPopupBlocker", &showBlocker);
     if (showBlocker) {
       nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMWindow> domWindow = getter_AddRefs([browserView getContentWindow]);
       nsCOMPtr<nsPIDOMWindow> piWindow(do_QueryInterface(domWindow));
       PRBool isUnrequested;
       if (isUnrequested) {
         // A popup is being opened while the page is currently loading.  Offer to block the
         // popup.
         nsAlertController* controller = nsCocoaBrowserService::GetAlertController();
         BOOL checkValue = YES;
         BOOL confirm = [controller confirmCheck: [self window] title: @"Unrequested Popup Detected"
                                   text: NS_POPUP_BLOCK
                                   checkMsg:@"Always ask before opening unrequested popups." checkValue: &checkValue];
         PRBool needToSave = PR_FALSE;
         if (checkValue != showBlocker) {
           needToSave = PR_TRUE;
           pref->SetBoolPref("browser.popups.showPopupBlocker", checkValue);
         if (confirm) {
           needToSave = PR_TRUE;
           pref->SetBoolPref("dom.disable_open_during_load", PR_TRUE);
           pref->SetIntPref("dom.disable_open_click_delay", 1000);
         if (needToSave) {
           nsCOMPtr<nsIPrefService> prefService(do_QueryInterface(pref));
         if (confirm)
           return nil;
   BrowserWindowController* controller = [[BrowserWindowController alloc] initWithWindowNibName: @"BrowserWindow"];    BrowserWindowController* controller = [[BrowserWindowController alloc] initWithWindowNibName: @"BrowserWindow"];
   [controller disableAutosave]; // The Web page opened this window, so we don't ever use its settings.    [controller disableAutosave]; // The Web page opened this window, so we don't ever use its settings.
   [controller enterModalSession];    [controller enterModalSession];

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