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Tue Feb 26 11:49:01 2002 UTC (17 years, 7 months ago) by macserv
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Checking in the underlying prefs structure, and a prefPane, also fir structural integrity.  Also including a couple categories to extend a couple Cocoa objects, and some project changes to support building with the bundled prefPanes.  Also, added a contrib directory to house user contributed artifacts.  To come soon: more prefPanes, and the colorized icon store, with pref-generated notifications to be picked up by toolbars.

 *  Cocoa application which embeds Gecko
 *  MainController.h
 *  ---------------------------------------------------
 *  The primary NSObject subclass which handles menuItems, app delegation,
 *	etc.
 *  Code owners:
 * 		David Hyatt		<>
 *		Matt Judy		<>
 *  Copyright (c) 2002  All rights reserved.

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "BrowserWindowController.h"
#import "MVPreferencesController.h"

class BookmarksService;

@interface MainController : NSObject 
    IBOutlet id mApplication;
    // The following two items are used by the filter list when saving files.
    IBOutlet id mFilterView;
    IBOutlet id mFilterList;
    IBOutlet id mOfflineMenuItem;
    // The bookmarks menu.
    IBOutlet id mBookmarksMenu;
    BOOL mOffline;
    BookmarksService* mMenuBookmarks;

    MVPreferencesController	*preferencesController;


// File menu actions.
-(IBAction) newWindow:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) newTab:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) openFile:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) openLocation:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) savePage:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) printPreview:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) printPage:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) toggleOfflineMode:(id)aSender;

// Edit menu actions.
-(IBAction) findInPage:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) findAgain:(id)aSender;

// Go menu actions.
-(IBAction) goBack:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) goForward:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) goHome:(id)aSender;

// View menu actions.
-(IBAction) doReload:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) doStop:(id)aSender;

// Bookmarks menu actions.
-(IBAction) addBookmark:(id)aSender;
-(IBAction) openMenuBookmark:(id)aSender;

-(BrowserWindowController*)openBrowserWindowWithURLString: (NSString*)aURL;
-(BrowserWindowController*)openBrowserWindowWithURL: (NSURL*)aURL;

- (MVPreferencesController *)preferencesController;
- (void)displayPreferencesWindow:sender;


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