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Sun Mar 3 12:53:10 2002 UTC (17 years ago) by macserv
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Last checkin for the night.  This makes tabs fully usable.  What's left: Menu item validation code.  This will cover all menu items, but most importantly, it will switch the key shortcut for Close Window between cmd+w and shift+cmd+w and Close Tab between blank and cmd+w.

//  MJExtendedTabView.h
//  AppKit Extensions
//  Created by Matt L.  Judy
//  Copyright (c) 2002 All rights reserved.
//  01/21/2001 Subclass created to fix tabless appearance
//  03/02/2002 Subclass updated for current AppKit state
//  03/02/2002 Subclass extended to automatically hide and show tabs.

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@interface MJExtendedTabView : NSTabView
    BOOL _autoHides;

//  Behavior: Autohiding overrides the default tab visibility state.
//            To switch back to usual tabView behavior, setAutoHides:NO.
//			  Initial value is read from defaults.
- (BOOL)autoHides;
- (void)setAutoHides:(BOOL)newSetting;


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