Diff for /chimera/ContentClickListener.mm between versions 1.4 and 1.5

version 1.4, 2002/03/08 03:18:00 version 1.5, 2002/03/08 19:21:43
Line 50 Line 50
 #include "nsIDOMHTMLAreaElement.h"  #include "nsIDOMHTMLAreaElement.h"
 #include "nsIDOMHTMLLinkElement.h"  #include "nsIDOMHTMLLinkElement.h"
   // Common helper routines (also used by the context menu code)
   #include "GeckoUtils.h"
 NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS2(ContentClickListener, nsIDOMMouseListener, nsIDOMEventListener);  NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS2(ContentClickListener, nsIDOMMouseListener, nsIDOMEventListener);
 ContentClickListener::ContentClickListener(id aBrowserController)  ContentClickListener::ContentClickListener(id aBrowserController)
Line 147  ContentClickListener::MouseClick(nsIDOME Line 150  ContentClickListener::MouseClick(nsIDOME
   mouseEvent->GetButton(&button);    mouseEvent->GetButton(&button);
   switch (button) {    switch (button) {
     case 0: {      case 0: {
      PRBool metaKey, shiftKey;      PRBool metaKey, shiftKey, altKey;
       mouseEvent->GetMetaKey(&metaKey);        mouseEvent->GetMetaKey(&metaKey);
       mouseEvent->GetShiftKey(&shiftKey);        mouseEvent->GetShiftKey(&shiftKey);
       if (metaKey) {        if (metaKey) {
         // The command key is down.  Open the link in a new window or tab.          // The command key is down.  Open the link in a new window or tab.
         PRBool useTab;          PRBool useTab;
Line 163  ContentClickListener::MouseClick(nsIDOME Line 167  ContentClickListener::MouseClick(nsIDOME
         else          else
           [mBrowserController openNewWindowWithURL: urlToLoad loadInBackground: loadInBackground];            [mBrowserController openNewWindowWithURL: urlToLoad loadInBackground: loadInBackground];
       }        }
         else if (altKey) {
           // The user wants to save this link.
           nsAutoString text;
           GeckoUtils::GatherTextUnder(content, text);
     }      }
   }    }

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