Diff for /chimera/BrowserWindowController.mm between versions 1.37 and 1.38

version 1.37, 2002/02/24 04:15:52 version 1.38, 2002/02/24 06:30:48
Line 55  static NSString *PrintToolbarItemIdentif Line 55  static NSString *PrintToolbarItemIdentif
     [mBrowserView windowClosed];      [mBrowserView windowClosed];
     [mSidebarBrowserView windowClosed];      [mSidebarBrowserView windowClosed];
       [mProgress release];
     [super dealloc];      [super dealloc];
 }  }
Line 63  static NSString *PrintToolbarItemIdentif Line 65  static NSString *PrintToolbarItemIdentif
     [super windowDidLoad];      [super windowDidLoad];
     mInitialized = YES;      mInitialized = YES;
       // Retain with a single extra refcount.  This allows the MyBrowserViews
       // to remove the progress meter from its superview without having to 
       // worry about retaining and releasing it.
       [mProgress retain];
     [[self window] setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents: YES];      [[self window] setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents: YES];
     [self setupToolbar];      [self setupToolbar];

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