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version 1.31, 2002/03/17 11:07:14 version 1.37, 2002/04/14 00:08:17
Line 37 Line 37
 #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>  #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
 #import "MyBrowserView.h"  #import "MyBrowserView.h"
   #import "Find.h"
@interface BrowserWindowController : NSWindowControllerclass nsIDOMEvent;
 class nsIDOMNode;
 @interface BrowserWindowController : NSWindowController<Find>
 {  {
     IBOutlet id mTabBrowser;      IBOutlet id mTabBrowser;
     IBOutlet id mSidebarDrawer;      IBOutlet id mSidebarDrawer;
Line 52 Line 56
     IBOutlet id mLocationSheetURLField;      IBOutlet id mLocationSheetURLField;
     IBOutlet id mSidebarBrowserView;      IBOutlet id mSidebarBrowserView;
     IBOutlet id mSidebarBookmarksDataSource;      IBOutlet id mSidebarBookmarksDataSource;
       // Context menu outlets.
       IBOutlet id mPageMenu;
       IBOutlet id mImageMenu;
       IBOutlet id mInputMenu;
       IBOutlet id mLinkMenu;
       IBOutlet id mImageLinkMenu;
     NSToolbarItem *mLocationToolbarItem;      NSToolbarItem *mLocationToolbarItem;
     NSToolbarItem *mSidebarToolbarItem;      NSToolbarItem *mSidebarToolbarItem;
Line 65 Line 76
     NSModalSession mModalSession;      NSModalSession mModalSession;
     BOOL mShouldAutosave;      BOOL mShouldAutosave;
       BOOL mDrawerCachedFrame;
       NSRect mCachedFrameBeforeDrawerOpen; // This is used by the drawer to figure out if the window should
                                            // be returned to its original position when the drawer closes.
       NSRect mCachedFrameAfterDrawerOpen;
       int mChromeMask; // Indicates which parts of the window to show (e.g., don't show toolbars)
       // Context menu members.
       int mContextMenuFlags;
       nsIDOMEvent* mContextMenuEvent;
       nsIDOMNode* mContextMenuNode;
 }  }
 - (void)dealloc;  - (void)dealloc;
Line 85 Line 108
 - (void)printDocument;  - (void)printDocument;
 - (void)printPreview;  - (void)printPreview;
- (void)findInPage;//- (BOOL)findInPage:(NSString*)text;
- (void)findAgain; 
 - (void)addBookmark;  - (void)addBookmark;
Line 109 Line 131
 -(void)autosaveWindowFrame;  -(void)autosaveWindowFrame;
 -(void)disableAutosave;  -(void)disableAutosave;
   // Called when a context menu should be shown.
   - (void)onShowContextMenu:(int)flags domEvent:(nsIDOMEvent*)aEvent domNode:(nsIDOMNode*)aNode;
   - (NSMenu*)getContextMenu;
   // Context menu methods
   - (IBAction)openLinkInNewWindow:(id)aSender;
   - (IBAction)openLinkInNewTab:(id)aSender;
   -(void)openLinkInNewWindowOrTab: (BOOL)aUseWindow;
   - (IBAction)saveLinkAs:(id)aSender;
   - (IBAction)saveImageAs:(id)aSender;
 @end  @end

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